Carlsberg Awesome Beach Party @ Sepang Gold Coast [Part 3]

"Wash-N-Go", one of the game you can play at the beach to gain points and win prizes. ReadSepang Gold Coast Carlsberg Beach Party [Part 2] if you wanna know what happened at the beach =)


After a quick bath there we go for party!

"Bagan Seafood Kava" as dinner
Was tempted to get the oysters but just in case stomach ache while party, I avoided them...
There are lots of food for you to choose and you can see it in my FB photo album.

The gorgeous couple Patricia Knudsen and Joey G up on stage ready to party with us all

"Darling, what music you want to hear tonight?

First dancing performance by Famous Crew
Saw them before in R16 Malaysia 2010

Looks like he is the new member? Dancing on the sand is so different

Remember not to stand too near to people who dancing on the sand, or else your drink will become..."Sandy Carlsberg"

Another group of dancing crew. Saw them performed before at St Patrick Day event and Asian Music Festival.

"Paper Plane Pursuit" - Great music from them =)
Thumbs up!!

Another photo of Paper Plane Pursuit's photo. More on my Facebook

"Love me Butch" - Not my type of music
it was too loud and noisy for me...

Ends up I walked away from the stage and found out...

The stars were so bright on the sky =)
Too bad didn't bring a tripod or else i would have camp here haha

Went back to the party place as Caprice is performing!

A song named "Pelacur". Hmmm...
Gonna fill up other artists name later*

Do you know that Soren Ravn, Carlsberg's Managing Director can rap? Yeah he rap along with Caprice and his buddies

Caprice and his buddies

Let's cheers with Carlsberg!

It is the beach ball time!

DJ Kellie Acreman

Just after Patricia kicked the big Carlsberg beach ball.

It was fun bouncing the balls but you will see some people covering their Carlsberg drink cos beach sand is flying everywhere haha. I was protecting my camera too.

Partying partying yeah

DJ Sam Cooke

Carlsberg ladies and party clowns

Charlotte & Maxime

Charlotte & Maxime
They can go wild. Really!!

Maybe that's why the crowd is high

DJ Catherine Mcqueen

"Raise your hands up!"

Flame thrower performance

Fire breathing

There were fireworks far from the beach. Not sure if it is for the party =)

Miss Pink and Sam Cooke

This is actually my first time having a party at the beach with unlimited Carlsberg drinks =)

DJ Kellie Acreman playing =)

People keep dancing. Do you know that the party ends only after 3am?

Met Marcus

Sand fun

Chutipond and Geenie

Love birds

The light above almost formed a "love"

Peace =)

You will see couple here and there at the party. Hope they had a good time though I don't know them =)

Pass the ball

Resting on the beach
Do you prefer to have friends who feels like sleeping after getting drunk or drunk guy shouting and cursing around? I guess the buggy service was busy sending people back to their hotel room~

The party ended after 3am++ with one of the DJ playing multiple "Last-Song"
Still can see people dancing there and reluctant to go back

The Carlsberg security that make sure everyone is safe from the sea =)

The great party ended with me sleeping on this huge bed.

The next day we all have prizes redempt from the game points. Got Carlsberg Glass, Carlsberg Tower, Speakers, PenDrive+++

Hereby wanna thanks Carlsberg for giving us such a great party especially when expenses are all paid and able to overnight at Sepang Golden Palm tree Hotel. Looking forward for upcoming "Where's the Party?"!! How I wish I can stay at the hotel longer =)

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