Nigel Barker Photography Workshop Press Con @ Ritz-Carlton

The highly acclaimed photographer, Nigel Barker was in town at Ritz-Carlton Kuala Lumpur for Nigel Barker Photography Workshop Press Conference. Thanks Epic Voyage to present Nigel barker first in Asia as Barker will conduct two workshops on photography, first at Tanjung Rhu Langkawi and then in Kuala Lumpur, before heading back home to new York where he resides.

While waiting for Nigel Barker to appear in the press conference I captured some photos in the conference room. Kids and parents getting prepared, rehearsed for their performance.

There were so many kids in the room =)
Played hide and seek with one of the child above haha

Nigel Barker had a warm welcome and the press conference begin with the violin and cello performance.

When I was at this young age I guess I only know how to "punch" the piano key.

Here's me with Diese, a blogger friend that I haven't seen so long =)

"Nigel barker's innate humanitarian values and benevolence were the very values which prompted Epic Voyage to invite him to this part of the world," said Lee Adelaine, CEO of Epic Voyage.

"Nigel's works are world acclaimed but more significantly, he embraces values that endear him to people. Nigel is more than just an artist, indeed, more than just a celebrity. His works have moved hearts and made a difference. That was most evident in his Haiti sojourn and in his work with the Humane Society of the United States for their Protect Seals campaign," added Lee.

The eye contact between Nigel Barker and Lee Adelaine =P

Here comes Nigel Barker the celebrity photographer getting started to greet the media

Nigel thanked Epic Voyage for the epic flight and mentioned that photography workshop that he is going to conduct at Langkawi and KL will not only including photography techniques but with lots more agenda that will inspire the photographers.

It's time for Q&A session by the media. "What kind of photography turns you on?," he asked.

"Well obviously it is people who turns me on!"
Means portrait photography of course =)

Video recording in progress

Last time see him through TV show and magazine, now able to meet him in person.
He's quit talkative and willing to share with us

I guess this photo revealed Nigel fashion? =)
Spot the zebra line stocking

Nigel Barker is quite talkative in person and he does has a big dream in photography career. Recorded just a short part of the Q&A session. Will share at the end of this post. There was a girl who asked him to give ONLY ONE tip on how to make a woman look prettier and confident. That's a tough question haha.

Stay tuned on ntv7 Bella for the exclusive interview with Nigel barker

A group photo of Nigel barker, Lee Adelaine from Epic Voyage and other sponsors partner.

It was suppose the time frame for media to take portrait photo of Nigel for publication purpose. However it seems like it had became a chance for media to take photo with him but I didn't grabbed the chance earlier. Guys, remember to grab opportunity whenever you can do something, but make sure it won't hurt yourself and others.

Therefore after great food @ Ritz-Carlton Kuala Lumpur, me, Diese, Nigel and Kel Li decided to stay back to take a photo with him.

In the end, yay! A photo with Nigel Barker before he leaves.

Here's a video of Nigel Barker during the photography workshop press conference

And exclusive interview of Nigel Barker by NTV7 Bella

That's not all, courtesy of SONY Malaysia and Epic Voyage. I won Nigel Barker workshop ticket worth RM950 through Sony Malaysia Contest. luckily they reminded me through email that I am one of the lucky winner.

That means I will be able to learn many great stuff from Nigel himself in coming Sunday @ Ritz-Carlton Kuala Lumpur! Double Yay!! Hope I learn a lot of stuff and able to share with you all kay? Thanks Epic Voyage for bringing Nigel Barker to Malaysia and Sony Malaysia for organize the Workshop Ticket Giveaway!

PS: If you want to meet Nigel Barker in person, get an autographed copy of Nigel barker's New Book 'Beauty Equation' at KINOKUNIYA Bookstore @ Suria KLCC from 5.00pm to 7.00pm.

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