Obedient Wives Club & Women Rights @ BFM

Obedient Wives Club, a women's group that aims to teach Muslim wives how to "keep their spouses happy in the bedroom" is taking root in south-east Asia, prompting outrage from Muslims and non-Muslims alike. There was a radio broadcast just now discussing about "Sex, gender politics and religion - Obedient Wives Club" on BFM.my

The above podcast had the following members as the panel; Datin Paduka Marina Mahathir, Sisters In Islam; Dr Ahmad Farouk Musa, Islamic Renaissance Front and Dr Azlina Dato’ Jamaludin, Obedient Wives Club.
"Normally on the Evening Edition, we avoid the subject of sex, politics and religion. But today the gloves are off: we talk about sex, gender politics and the religion of Islam. Obedient Wives Club, Sisters in Islam and Islamic Renaissance Front. (Whew!) "

Listen to the Podcast now! Interesting discussion between them
You can download the conversation here

"Polygamy is okay but not for every guy"
"Men are naturally polygamist"
here are some of the listener response to the debate above:

"As a christian, I wish if we have the same solution to marriages problem like what they have in Islam. Well, I must say yes marriage is one of GOD wills to let human being to legitimize sex otherwise everyone will ended up having sex before marriage and that is not healthy. I think the Muslims must agree this and must uphold what they believe.

And by letting this club to exist I think there is no harm unless the particular individual they are not 100% into Islam. They just take portion of the teaching and that is not right." - Raymond Singham

"Nowadays, most women with the husband who trapped into life problem partly because they didn't play their part well. They claimed they are but they are not really. And I dont expect women or my wife to be superwomen all the time but they have to balance out life between carrier and husbands. I'm referring to Muslims women ya.

Well, ya... maybe some husband are useless but majority are useful. They know their wife always beautiful to work but when they back to the house they are opposite.

I would love if my wife could listen to this interview. At one point, it really challenge the modern women thinking but in Islam Allah gives us the formula how to calm down and to think illogically sometimes in life. Solute to WOC." - Azman Adenan
For more comment on the post visit BFM Page here.

Sex, Gender Politics & Religion - Obedient Wives Club

How obedient should a wife be? What do you think?

I personally think that a good couple of husband and wife is they are able to give and take when arguing/doing something. There will be moments where one will sacrifice for another but to what extend? That's for both of them to figure it out.

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