The Perfect Gentleman 魅力型男 @ NTV7

For the first time in the history of Malaysian television, viewers will get to witness a beauty and talent pageant for Malaysian Chinese men. The Perfect Gentleman 2011 is the ultimate contest of personality, talent, and style as hot guys from all over the country sweat it out to win the coveted title.

The Perfect Gentleman is a bold initiative from ntv7 to search for the finest man in the country, while providing an opportunity for young men to showcase their talents. The Perfect Gentleman is one such platform that enables the unearthing and recruiting of more talents.

The Perfect Gentleman 魅力型男 @ NTV7



In mid of April the audition for The Perfect Gentleman 魅力型男 has been consecutive held at different place to find Malaysia first perfect gentleman with both looks and intelligence.

Top 30 finalist will be chosen for the TV Show and only 6 finalists will survive the elimination. All 16 finalists will need to face a series of challenges from physical activities to brainstorm moment. The final 6 finalists will be dueling with each other to be crowned as Malaysia 1st Perfect Gentleman.

Starting from 17th July, every Sunday, 6PM, you will able to see "The Perfect Gentleman 魅力型男" on NTV7 on how they pass every challenge.

Local and oversea celebrities will be invited as judges, including well known fashion designer, successful entrepreneur and personalities. All 30 finalists will face different challenge every round and need to face the elimination. There will be 13 episodes of "The Perfect Gentleman 魅力型男". On 9th October, the final of The Perfect Gentleman 魅力型男 will be live on NTV7 and you will see who is the winner on the spot!

I went to the audition in KL and here are some of the contestant who drop by challenged themselves and try their luck.

Some look nervous some look confident

Show us your talent

With/without a coat will make you look a lot difference

Will he become one out of 16 finalists?

Malaysia Hottest Hunk participant and winner

Playing guitar and sing

Imagine and pose

The professor look

One of the potential finalist

Will he be selected?

As long you are age 18 and above you can join the audition of The Perfect Gentleman 魅力型男

One of his talent - pole dance

Recognize him? From "I Wanna Be A Model" @ 我要做 Model

"You know?" is the phrase i remember the most through him

Melvin Sia 谢佳见 在“媒人帮”的造型

Unique style

Hair tattoo

Energetic participant

"Age is never a problem"

One tip to all Perfect-Gentleman-Wanna-Be, grooming skill is one of the prerequisite skill for you. Usually people will judge from top to bottom including your shoes or even your socks. Remember to wear nicely and clean shoes when you are going for audition or even interview. First impression still make up the big part of your final marks.

A picture with 洪嘉慧 before leaving

Here's a sneak peek of 16 finalists for The Perfect Gentleman 魅力型男
Picture credit to 8TV Facebook

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