Marion Caunter Getting Married with Her BoyFriend SM Nassarudin

Here is the picture of pretty Marion Caunter with her boyfriend boy friend. Hope I didn't make you stunt! Lol! This picture was taken during Shout Awards Ceremony.

I have been admiring Marion Caunter ever since I saw her on 8TV Quickies. She is my type of girl for your information haha. That was the first time I met Marion in person during Earth Hour @ Capsquare 2009. She is gorgeous, lovely and friendly at the same time =D

I still remember I put her photo as my phone's wallpaper when I review the LG Chocolate that is long enough to fit her in~!

Last year I met her again at Heineken a Night In Rome event @ Yap Ah Seng event. I gotta confess that I went to this event just because of she was the emcee of the night~! XD We both wear white colour shirt for a reason. Shhhh.... ;p

Then early in February this year, I met her again at Kris Allen's Music ShowCase~! It was really nice to meet her again without knowing she would appear in there! Please ignore me wearing the same shirt as previous picture. I think I gotta update my clothes in the wardrobe whenever my pocket money allows.

Any clothes/blog shop sponsors? =D

Okay la, I will stop talking about my own story. This post is actually written to congratz Marion Caunter and SM Nasarudin for getting married soon in December 2010.

SM Nasarudin is a young entrepreneur and also the CEO and executive chairman of the NAZA Group of Companies. I am glad that Marion is getting attached with a great guy which they have been together since 5 years ago.

Needless to say, both of are good looking and seems perfectly together. Will wait for the actual announcement of wedding day and I hope that Marion/SM Nasarudin read this post and invite me for their wedding~! I would definitely take tons of nice photos of them for the happy news~! *Yes, I am dreaming, but I do hope me & you can make this wish come true! =)*

Last but not least, congratulations to both of them!

Update: For more wedding photos of Marion Caunter and SM Nasarudin, visit here.

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  1. ahahakx... don't be sad over the news... your turn will arrive someday~ *pats head* =p
    they look really loving though *jealous*

  2. wow! i didnt know Marion was attached in the first place! such shocking news for me.

  3. [Wern]
    Hahaha hope so =) You can be loving too~! *hint*

    [Dylan Phuah]
    Yeah thanks to the entertainment news that tell us that =)
    And now u know it from haha!

  4. oh i see, Marion is marrying wit SM Nassarudin! tat's great news for her! but bad news for u, haha!

  5. [bryanlyt]
    Aiks happy for them is always better than sad ~=)

  6. [bryanlyt]
    Aiks happy for them is always better than sad ~=)

  7. oh i see, Marion is marrying wit SM Nassarudin! tat's great news for her! but bad news for u, haha!

  8. i sent this blog post to marion on twitter! hopefully she sees it hehe.

  9. Wah Regina you sent to her? I wonder what would be her reaction =S
    Too bad can't attend their wedding to wish in person


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