My Johnnie Walker Pit Crew Experience | Sepang International Circuit

Step inside the Black Circuit with Johnnie Walker! Sounds familiar? I have blogged about this campaign and Facebook Contest that helps you become part of the REAL pit crew earlier. Not sure if it is luck or some hidden good karma that I've collected, I was invited to Sepang International Circuit to see how the selected pit crews do their challenge AND somehow got the chance to become one of the pit crew too! Awesome!

I would like to thanks Charles who invited me to this event, and Michelle + Jestina that invited me to JW Pit Crew Challenge Launch Event~!

Initially I planned to go SIC just to take photos for the event and blog about it. Here is one of the spontaneous photo taken during the event. Fay Hokulani is the model! *Not sure if she know I was snapping her*

At JW SIC you can get so close with a F1 Racing Car. This was decorated with Johnnie Walker's sticker =)

If you went there you can play the Go Kart and challenge your friend ;p

Or go play with the Wii F1 Racing game with pretty lady

There are more ladies for your information =)

This Wii driving panel looks kinda cool

ShaolinTiger Gareth was one of the personalities that took part in the Johnnie Walker Pit Crew Challenge. Kimberly was there to support him too.

Here is the JW crew who briefed the pit crews about what they are going to do later. Precaution, learn new vocab to get familiar with the stuff and tools involved.

Here are some other personalities/media take part in the pit crew challenges. Owen Yap, Charmaine Poo, Henry Golding, Megan Tan, Charles James Wright and more~!

I wander around the pit stop area and spotted they changing the cover of the racing car.

The racing suit that I never ever think of I could really wear it~! XD

Morning camwhore lol

Mindy Yu who called me up for this event~ Thanks ya

I'm on Sepang International Circuit Track @ Johnnie Walker Pit Crew |

I even took my chance do a "syiok sendiri" video when I step inside the racing track. Don't watch if you can't handle narcissism lol.

All the pit crews are on the head phones to communicate with each other. I find it funny and cool because they are like whispering between each other laughing but other people without the headphone won't know what they are talking about.

There was a weighting session for the racing car. In total six pit crews, it was consisted of Team Manager, Team Co-ordinator, Data Engineer, Race Engineer and two Mechanics.

Owen Yap is the the Data Engineer. I can say this position need a person who is sensitive with numbers and good in Math.

Some interview for the driver - Robbie Kerr from UK

He is the driver for our team - Matt Manderson from UK

Basically driver's job is to drive fast and win the race. The speed of pit crew doing the job will affect the races especially when it involve refuel, adjustment of front/rear wing etc. They are putting on the sit belt for the driver, must make sure it is tight but comfortable at the same time.

Megan Tan and Henry Golding are doing some recording on the spare time. Maybe for 8TV quickies?

Matt Manderson for Team 2 is ready~! *thx for the eye contact ;p*

Team 1 Robbie Kerr is ready to race too!

"Long horn" whistled, pit lane opened!

The race begin~! *Panning Shoot*

Fay Hokulani was spotted doing some natural posing again =)

Mike Yip was there to join the fun too! He only use his Nikon with 50mm lens but manage to take lot of nice photos. He was given a chance to be pit crew too~ Good ar =D

My second camwhore attempt while I was waiting for the race car to pass through and do panning shoot. Wanna see what happened after this? Click "Read more" as there are ton more pictures[including pretty sexy babes] beyond this point that I need to put a page break to save your bandwidth.

The JW pit crew was guiding Megan how to use the wheel gun

Then both driver discussing how short Megan's pant is.

*just kidding la lol*

The wheels need to be changed as quickly as humanly possible. That's why you see all the pit crew will rush once the horn was sound. Below is the video:

Team 1 duel with team 2 to compete who can complete the wheel change faster. Fueling was skipped as it need professional assistance for that =)

A teamwork high five after the job was done~! =D

They didn't did it once only but practice as many time as they can. Kinda tiring to be a pit crew!

After some training, the pit crews were given 15 minutes break to rest and need to change their clothes for racing suit. Spotted the driver posing there with his spiking red color Puma shoes.

So, does ShaolinTiger look macho in that suit? =D Ask Kimberly
I personally like the outcome of this photo for sure~!

Times up for the break, racing car drove out to their position on the racing track. Pit Crews went to the track there to check if everything is fine for driver and car.

The umbrella is suppose ready for driver one, but don't know why she cover for Gareth instead ;p. They were given a situation that might happen during the race and pit crews need to troubleshoot it.

And here is me again doing a "syiok sendiri" video recording. Imagine myself to be the guy who going to start the race with a flag. Oh wait, it is always done by a hot lady in movie =S

The real race started and there are 10 laps for them to finish~! Pit crew will need to do the wheel change in one of the pit stop.

I went back to the pit stop area and took my chance take a photo with one of the Johnnie Walker F1. Thanks Mike =D

That time Dawn Yang arrived and I can see people start looking at her ;p
Both of them looking gorgeous ar

What happen if F1 Race has a pretty female driver on board?

How bout two together? I am sure the race will be more fun especially for the guys, hoho.

Lunch was served and I took my time to eat as much Ayam Percik as possible cos it tasted really nice. That was the moment I was approached and given a chance to be one of the pit crew in afternoon session~ XD

The race for morning session has finished and I took a chance to take photo with Owen Yap. Every time saw him appear on TV but this time meet him in such a great event ;p

I was assigned as the Data Engineer Pit Crew

Since now is my turn taking part, I wont able to use my DSLR. Thanks a lot to AndyKho for snapping the photo for all of us =) Andy has a nice pink covered MacBook ar

This is me trying to learn the thing that I need to do from a real professional pit crew from UK~!

Was guiding the other member on what to do with the wheel pressure
Macho sial!

We are learning how to adjust the rear wing too. It affect how fast the car can speed and turn, it surely affect the race result too. Therefore, we need to adjust it till it fits driver's requirement.

We moved the car to the weight station to weight it and calculate how much fuels were required to finish 10 laps. *math* math*

This is the weight meter that showing all the data. We must make sure the car reach the minimum weight too. I was suppose doing that job but somehow my team member wanted to do it too, so I just give him the chance. No point fighting right? ;p

As for the pit stop session, it is really really fun to play with the wheel gun XD
Just pressing the button you can unscrew the wheel nuts in just seconds! I enjoy screwing them lol

We didn't get the fastest time when doing the wheel change but our team manage to win the 10 lap race. *proud* It feels really great when we know that we won the race~!

Here is our group photo: Rosyan Narayan, Richard Augustin, our driver Matt Manderson, Ben and other members ;p *sorry forgot some names*

Here is a bigger group photo of us after we all manage to finish the Johnnie Walker Pit Crew Challenge~! Phew!! There were tons of sweats, just like we've finished a workout.

After all, I can say it is not just an award that we are getting, but it is all worth for this once-in-a-life-time experience~!

I still remember that my team member Rosyan accidentally touch the driver's nuts
Special occasion for the first timer lol

Yay, received an award as the second winner as we got 260 points while team 1 got 262 point. Just 2 point difference~! O.o

Another group photo after everyone receive the award and a bottle of Johnnie Walker Black Label Centenary Edition with some limited edition JW merchandises.

Team one got their Silver Plate Award with a bottle of Johnnie Walker Black Label Centenary Edition + some limited edition JW merchandises too. Dawn Yang, Mike Yip and Reshmonu inside the photo.

Thanks Matt Manderson for helping us win the race =D

Update: Here is the video shoot by the professional. Spot your familiar faces and new pit crew here! I am inside too~! =D

After all the sweats and challenges that we've done, we were invited to join the Black Circuit Lounge the next day evening. DJ - Goldfish , DJ Andrew T , and DJ Havana Brown were there to rock the dance floor~! Stay tune for my party post would ya?

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  1. fiuyoh~ great event eh! wish to have that kind of opportunity also..

    hawt babes, nice photo definately all worthwhile..

    cant waitfo ryour club post!

  2. Ohmigod Henry Golding!!! I want to hug and kiss him!!!

    Ok, stalker mode ON. LOL!

  3. [Redbuttockz]
    Yeah it is =D
    Thx for comment~

    Next Black Circuit Lounge is coming soon ;p
    Thanks for reading my post~! Let see how fast I cam compile my photos ~

    [atreyu strange]
    Haha! Seems like Henry got another girl fans now~!

  4. [ShaolinTiger]
    Wah a comment from the professional photographer. Thanks for the compliment~! XD

  5. WOw~no wonder u keep spamming this post! Great one!

  6. what a great event! you met so many awesome personalities!

  7. [MsXeroz]
    Haha ^@^" Thanks~!

    [Dylan Phuah]
    Yeah lucky me to do the pit crew challenge with them too~!

  8. NICE one ! like the video post too !! xD .. wat a GREAT experience !! its worth to hurt ur hand ! :P ~

  9. [rachelkoko]
    Yay thank you Rachel~!
    Yeah, a little mark to keep as memories haha

  10. [rachelkoko]
    Yay thank you Rachel~!
    Yeah, a little mark to keep as memories haha

  11. [MsXeroz]
    Haha ^@^" Thanks~!

    [Dylan Phuah]
    Yeah lucky me to do the pit crew challenge with them too~!

  12. [Redbuttockz]
    Yeah it is =D
    Thx for comment~

    Next Black Circuit Lounge is coming soon ;p
    Thanks for reading my post~! Let see how fast I cam compile my photos ~

    [atreyu strange]
    Haha! Seems like Henry got another girl fans now~!


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