My Selangor Story 2010 Bloggers’ Competition Top 30!

Harlo guys!! I have good news and bad news to share with you guys today! Do you still remember my blog post entry about joining My Selangor Story Travel Blogging Contest? Here is my qualified entry - "Selangor, I just haven't met you yet!".

Good news is both me and Nicole@Msxeroz are selected as the top 30 finalist to join this travel journey. We will able to have fully sponsored travel trip around Selangor and get to discover new places to share with you guys!

Bad news is I will be away from 23th - 28th September. Won't be able to attend Arthur days and no FHM 100 Most Wanted Women Party Night =S

Wait, I think people will have chance to see me talking and "acting-like-monkey" in video instead of just my simple English writing and photos. That can be a new different view for you guys =) Ah, I like my "Look at the brightside" spirit~!

Travel Period 23th – 28th September 2010

  • Tourism Selangor will arrange for the entire tour itinerary, including return flights, meals and lodging. Miscellaneous expenses will be borne by individual participants.
  • The 30 selected bloggers will be flown in to Selangor for a 6 day/5 night tour of Selangor from 23th – 28th September 2010.
  • During this period, participants will be required to produce a video (up to 3mins) of each day’s activities and upload it every evening together with a travelogue of the activities on to the Tourism Selangor website with a link to YouTube.
  • The videos/stories must be produced based on the requirements of Tourism Selangor and be saved as an audio-visual file, with the copyright co-owned by Tourism Selangor, Sponsors/Partners and the entrants.
  • Upon completing the itineraries in Selangor, with the required videos and stories uploaded, participants will be awarded with a per diem provided by the organizer and sponsors.

I hereby want to thanks you guys who voted for my first blog post that makes me qualified to be the Top 30 Selangor traveller! I will definitely reward you guys more if you keep supporting me and my dearest blogging buddy Nicole yo! [Blog reaching 100k visitors soon and thinking of doing a huge giveaway! Give me some idea pls? =D]

I hope I can take nice photo to share with you guys during the trip

This time the upcoming blog posts would be more about I myself telling the story with a video instead of just writing about it. Ah, did I manage to pose like the old granny smoking up there?

Me and Nicole actually did a rehearsal/instant video recorded during waiting time for Sepang Gold Coast trip (I did travel a lot but not enough time to blog hoho).

Let see how Nicole cut a Pamelo and me being the random emcee! Practice makes perfect right? =D

There is actually another stage that we need to walk through, which is the recruit votes stage:

Blog Voting : 28th September to – 31st October 2010
  • Votes from the public will be one of the judging criterions (Note: All entrants must do their best to achieve the best possible Internet exposure for their travelogues and videos)
  • Extra points will be awarded if a participant’s video and/or travelogue is shown on their personal blog or other social media sites, such as Facebook, MySpace or added to website links by blog readers. [Means you are helping me if you share it on Facebook & Twitter]
  • All blog readers are eligible to vote for their favourite entry, regardless of nationality.

This means that during & after My Selangor Story travel trip, I will need to gain votes from you guys to help me win some awesome prizes from this competition!! It will be the same voting system as previous one and I hope I can gain your continuous 5-loves rating for each daily post~!

Please click full 5 loves every time you see mine and Nicole's daily travelogue post kay? You don't need to register or anything, just #spreadthelove on Twitter & Facebook as it give me extra points~!

You can subscribe to TianChad @ 永遇乐 or follow @TianChad on Twitter for future blog post update =) Press the "Like" button and share with your friend kay? Thanks~!


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