Top 10 Katy Perry Teenage Dream Cover

Have you seen Katy Perry's Teenage Dream MV? I guess Malaysia sure cut lots of the scenes if it is a movie ;p

Recently I've noticed that there are more and more YouTube Singer who try to gain more exposure for themselves by record popular music cover. Katy Perry's Teenage Dream is just one out of hundred thousand popular hits. Today I would like to share top 10 videos that covered Katy Perry's Teenage Dream. [The videos were not arranged accordingly to rank ya]

You can watch Katy Perry's MV first:

Teenage Dream - KatyPerry (Director Cut)

#1 Megan Nicole - A sweet looking girl with nice voice. My first time listen to her voice. That's how people know about a new talented person.

Teenage Dream - Megan Nicole

#2 DavidChoi - A guy who has unique voice, talented in create soundtrack and an actor too. He has lots of hat accessories when record a song. One of my favourite artist.

Teenage Dream - DavidChoiMusic

#3 Tyler Ward - Re-write some of the parts and make it more family appropriate. Now, you can find Tyler writing, recording and performing music all over the state of Colorado. Tyler has become a well known local artist who is heavily pursued to perform live

TeenageDream - Tyer Ward

#4 BoysAvenue [Alejandro Manzano] - A boy band that I like because he has the unique vocal =) Recently found out we were born in same year but I still look like a kid while he looks more mature. Wtf...Is it because of the difference between Asian and "Ang Mo"? Whatever~

Teenage Dream -BoysAvenue (piano acoustic cover/version)

#5 Lizz Melody - Some people say she looks like Katy Perry. Looks does matter when it comes to visual elements =)

Teenage Dream - LizzMelody

#6 The PianoBros (Ryan and Richie) - The twin brothers who do music cover together. Not much twins that play piano together and made a good cover. That's their unique selling point.

Teenage Dream - Piano Cover by Twins Ryan and Richie of ThePianoBros

#7 AHMIR - The #1 Most Popular R&B Group On YouTube. Featured in Billboard, VIBE, BET and FOX Morning Show.

Teenage Dream - AHMIR Cover

#8 Keenan Cahill - He can't sing but with his "cute" huge eyes (because of the spectacles) and funny acts he is getting more famous now =) He did the right thing at the right time I guess?

Teenage Dream - BeenerKeeKee19952

#9 Mike Tompkins - Create all the bass, beatbox and other musical instruments using his mouth. Talented and good singer too.

Teenage Dream & Just the way you are - Acapella Cover - Katy Perry - Bruno Mars - Mike Tompkins

#10 Sam Tsui - A guy with powerful vocals and high key notes too. Who else not knowing about him? He did a mash up of several songs and let see if his magic work?

Love The Way You Lie + Teenage Dream - MASHUP SamTsui

Katy Perry's MTV sure draw a lot attention as she got a hot sexy model to act in it. Well, you gotta be unique to gain more attention right? For example, Lady Gaga's meat costume and her MTV. Freaky but she dare to do it. Katy Perry also one of the daring girl if you have watch the California Girl MV and her new Peacock song.

If you are one of the YouTube singer, do try to choose suitable song and make a good cover. You gotta be creative to catch people attention or else it won't be easy. However, Keenan Cahill proved that although he can't sing well like others, he still able to catch people's attention by using his special talent(facial expression). From all the 10 video that I've shared, you will notice each and everyone of them have the unique characteristic that draw people attention and makes them to follow their next video.

YouTube has definitely helps tons of people getting famous because it shorten the distance between people on the globe and you can gain more exposure through the internet. Imagine if you are born in Elvis's age, maybe you can become one of the good singer in pub only.

Thanks a lot if you have spend your precious time watching & listening to all 10 videos and thught that I am sharing =)

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  1. For the 10th video, Dynamite by Taio Cruz was in the mash up too besides Love the Way You Lie and Teenage Dreams :D

    But my fave will still be video 9! He is too awesome (:

  2. My vote goes to #3 Tyler Ward =) a great post indeed!

  3. [Hilda Milda]
    Both of them are cool aren't they? =)

    Ah guitarist is your favourite =D Thanks for the comment!

  4. total thumbs up for this post! enjoy listening each and every of the version here. XD

  5. [Cayenne]
    Thanks Cayenne =D
    It happen that I spend more time on this music sharing post

  6. [Cayenne]
    Thanks Cayenne =D
    It happen that I spend more time on this music sharing post


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