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Meet Kris Allen @ Malaysia + Marion Caunter

Woohoo even it is already 1.00 AM I still want to blog a bit for todays event~! First of all, thanks to LG for giving me and few of the bloggers a chance to meet Kris Allen in person, not is other country but Malaysia! His performance is great and best with the band. From the girls' point of view, they are all handsome including the band crews. Yes, I agree too!

Kris Allen @ Red

Interaction+ attractions

A close up of Kris

Aiks as usual, I gotta get more spare time for selecting the best few photos and blog about it. [that's what hapen when he/she have a 9-5 job].

Besides, I would like to thank you Nigel Sia for giving me guides and tips on shooting using DSLR. I am glad to get your advice =D

So why I am hapy to blog at 1AM?


Yeah, the prettiest Marion Caunter was there =D

I guess she able to recognize me because I wear the same shirt at previous A Night In Rome event. That's the "semangat" that makes me writing blog at 1AM. =D

Thanks Marccus for the call!! It is totally an unexpected-lucky-happy night for me. Wish I have a sweet dream haha!

More photo of Kris Allen at here~!! Click the links below:


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Look at the brightside!! You are going to speak out! Thanks for dropping by :)