Johnnie Walker Black Circuit Lounge | Swedish Marque KL

28th August 2010 is Johnnie Walker Black Circuit Lounge party with show-stopping entertainers Havana Brown from Australia, DJ Andrew T of Singapore, and KL's very own DJ Goldfish.

Admission was by invitation only, which makes the party a bit special. You will need to wear this golden cuff as your pass to enter the party.

The venue Swedish Marque was nicely decorated as once I arrived I can see the big bubble lamp showing the way. DustyHawk arrived there early too. Special surprise was awarded to guests who arrive at the party grid early, which we are one of them, each of us receive a bottle of Johnnie Walker Black Label Centenary Edition Blended Scotch Whiskey.

This has been my 3rd bottle of JW Black Label since I was invited from both Nuffnang and Johnnie Walker for Step Inside the Black Circuit Pit Crew Challenge. You can read my experience of become a Johnnie Walker Pit Crew here.

Was welcomed by Johnnie Walker ladies to register our name and receive the early bird gift =)
They look a lot mature than me ar.

Aren't they look pretty & mature?

There is this little section where the bartender will do many nice mix with Johnnie Walker liquor for you to try out.

I like the set up inside Swedish Marque and this is just the bartender section =D

Each table have a bottle of Johnnie Walker Black Label

This cocktail is called "Black Circuit"
It was a mixture of Johnnie Walker Black Label, Sprite, Peach Schnapps, Monin blue Curacao Lemon Juice and Morin Grenadine Syrup. I personally think it tasted quite nice.

And this is called "Golden Mojito"
Mixture of Johnnie Walker Gold Label Reserve, Mint Leaves and Freshly Squeezed Lime Juice. It tasted sour with stronger alcohol taste if compared to "Black Circuit".

The first DJ who performed is DJ Goldfish. I really like his mix and I recorded some of his performance. You can watch the video at the end of this post =)

Met Gareth @ ShaolinTiger and KimberlyCun inside and glad that we got a place to sit~!
*It is good to have long arms cos can camwhore better*

KY and HazeLeong@Blushberry were there too. Such a loving couple I can say.

Since it is a single invite I dun have any date to take picture with... =S
*Noticed the Gold Cuff?*

When both ambient and music are nice, thanks to this shining globe.

People will start to dance and enjoy the music =D
*I need to learn dance soon*

The emcee tonight Adrian Seet and Sarah Lian announcing the winners of Pit Crew Challenge along the two days challenge. I still remember how it feels to be a pit crew!

They have the fastest time in changing the wheels during a pit stop and perform well along the whole journey being a pit crew! Well done and congratz to them winning~!

I tends to take photo without the flash because a picture can look much difference without a flash and comfortable blurred image =) This picture above showing the guy enjoy the party while ladies dancing around. Nice or not?

However if the place is really too dark I will still need a flash. Although the people looks visible and clear inside the picture, it looks dull for me because of the blackout background when I use direct flash.

So when ever I can I will use Slow Synchronize Flash mode to capture both the people and the background =)

Make sure you take several pictures so that you can choose the nice one =)
Fay Hokulani, DawnYang and Estelle Kiora the female bloggers inside this picture~!

I personally like the chocolate in this Black Circuit Lounge, tasted so sweet and welly accompanied with JW cocktails =D

It was time for DJ Andrew T from Singapore to perform. Listen to his music at the end of this post~
*PS: Click Read More*

There were dancers on the stage when DJ playing his music. This is one of the dancing ladies.

She said, "Hi TianChad~"
lol wtf

This picture looks like she found her long lost friend ;p

Here's one of Kimberly's favourite guy, Henry Golding. I am sure he makes lots of girl "miserable" that night. Lol

Hendry Golding, Estelle Kiora and Hansen Lee

One of the lucky effect when you use slow synchronize flash mode =D

I was surprised to meet Adrian C, the winner of Men's Uno Model Search 2009. He is speaking good English and recognize me because of my blogpost. You can read my another post about him acting in Yise's Loo Desperado MV. Even Gareth also say he is good looking. How I wish I can be as tall as him!

Here comes the TigerCun Couple [ShaolinTiger and KimberlyCun]

I would say the crowd that night were awesome! Thanks to JW for the luxurious butler service and JW drinks.

When Havana Brown came up on stage, I can say the crowd getting even "higher" and happier ;p

Andy Kho is doing his job getting the best shoot of Havana

I took a lot pictures of Havana Brown and hope you can help me pick the one you prefer~!






*I personally like this one with her eye contact + wind blow =)*

Spotted JasonOng@Mynjayz taking photo with Miss DJ Eva T

Self descriptive picture about how fun is JW Black Circuit Lounge =)

Met NameWee when go for a break. Met him the first time during P1 Social Media Night for 15Malaysia.

Glad to meet the JW Driver and Professional Pit Crew that I met during my Pit Crew Challenge. It is really fun to be a pit crew, you can read my post here~!

Picture with Sarah Lian before I leave this great party. Do you know she is on the cover of Newman Magazine September Issue?

Last but not least, thanks everything to Charles James Wright, Brand Manager of Johnnie Walker and his friends who work so hard for the Step Inside the Black Circuit Campaign. Not only the Pit Crew Challenge & Experience are priceless, you guys organized a nice party for us too~!

I am looking forward for next party and hope you guys always have the JW spirit, Keep walking~!

Here is my video recorded from Johnnie Walker Black Circuit Lounge, hope you guys like it~!

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  1. w00tz a really nice party wor...
    *grabs the BlackLabel and run*
    i was waiting for that photo of *ahem* and *ahem* though

  2. [RedButtockz Wern]
    It is =D
    The photos appeared already lar haha!

  3. like #3 pic! nice event !! and u met NameWee !! weeee ~ so cool !

  4. [rachelkoko]
    THanks for choose your favourite pict =D
    Next time you can meet him too!

  5. [RedButtockz Wern]
    It is =D
    The photos appeared already lar haha!


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