Kem Modal Insan Agro-Tourism Homestay (Melaka): Part 2

Continue from Part 1 of Kem Modal Insan AgroTourism Melaka Homestay, after lunch and a few hours of rest in our foster parent house. We were ought to gather at a place as we are going to have a day tour at many different place. Rubber tree estate, Monkey pick coconuts, oil palm estate, eat kampung durian, catch eel +++

The story started:
In kampung you can walk on the road like it is your father's road because there is not much car in kampung. Most are motorcycles.

First stop is the rubber tree estate. This is a rubber tree with dried rubber emitted from it.

Did you saw the difference at the base of the rubber tree? When ever the tree no longer able to emit rubber juice, people will chop it down and replace with another new young rubber tree. This is to shorten the time for rubber tree to grow and safe space. The white color cube is the harden rubber.

This is the "sifu" showing us how to cut the rubber tree for their juice.

First he show us how to rubber tapping, then it is us bloggers take turn to try it out. See all the bloggers busy taking the photo ;p

Rubber tapping is hard work. It can starts as early as 2 am. The coolness of the early morning air encourages the latex to flow thus improving the yield. That's what my grandparents do in early ages. If you are "lucky" can bite by centipede, a swarm of bees or even tiger!

We need to tap the tree gently or else if you hurt the tree it will die and wont able to get good yield. She looks gentle also right? haha

Before my turn to try it out I decided to "camwhore" in the rubber estate. Saw the other two blogger busy tweeting? DiGi did a great job in providing stable coverage =D

Tada, here is me tapping the tree. Saw the new fresh juice coming out from the tree? =D

This is the tapping knife. It can be a dangerous weapon too.

This is the little toy invented by orang kampung. One of the guide show me this and you just need to twist it then it will emit sounds. A very simple toy made up of rubber tree's seed and coconut leaves.

Nenek dropping by to say hi and I manage to ask her do a peace sign before we go to second stop. She is cute don't she? ;p

2nd stop: To see how this monkey eat rambutan pick coconuts from the coconut tree.

He is originally trained in Thailand on how to pick coconuts. He will twist the coconut and step on it to make it drop from trees.

Ops, his two little "coconuts"

This is the moment before the monkey get frightened and attacked me. He almost slapped me my face and I still wonder why he hit me =S *Maybe because he know i snapped photo of his "coconuts"?*

3rd stop: The "Peace Sign Nenek" showing us how to build a container by using coconuts leaves.

This kid is cute with her natural expression =)

This is how the vessel looks like, you can use it to keep fruits or protect fruits from other predators.

This is how it looks from the inside. Kinda artistic feel ar *perasan*

I personally like this photo very much =D What do you think?

This is the kids reaction when we first met. Shooting his photo from far. Wait till I met him again.

We continue walk to the other station instead of car rides. Luckily it is not that sunny.

We can even snap photo at the middle of the road =D

4th Stop: How to make a salted egg by using duck egg, mud and "sekam padi"

This is Zoe with her own handmade salted egg ;p

Now let me and Jamie show you how to make salted egg.

First, dip it in mud and make sure it is all covered by a thin layer of mud.

Second: Pose with the egg. Lol

Third: Cover the egg with "sekam padi" so that the mud wont be that sticky anymore.

Fourth: Pose with your finish product and keep the egg for two weeks in room temperature. After 2 weeks you will able to have your salted egg~!

The raiser of the provoked monkey. He has a big bell hanging on the neck.

He is provoked again or just yawning? You guess

5th stop: Went to the Durian farm~!

We find the durians that dropped from tree through the grasses and eat on the spot.

Yummy~! Do you prefer sweet/ bitter taste durian?

6th Stop: The oil pal trees estate.

This is the oil palm seeds that has been chopped into half. The orange colour is the part that emit plant cooking oils or used for bio diesel. Then the white colour part was used as ingredients for make-up or other grooming products.

This video is to show you how people cut off the unwanted leaves from the oil palm trees. I can say Rebecca is not afraid of being hit on head ;p

7th stop: To learn how to catch the slimy eel. *Eww at first but fun later*

He told us to hold the head part so that there is no way for it to sneak out. Then we can hold its body. it is safe to hold them because they don't bite ;p

Can you hold eel with one hand? *proud and bangga* XD

Haha see the stressed face while we transferring eels from a pale to another.

There was a little pond with lotus growing in it and Jamie stopped by to snap the flower while I snap her. ;p

8th Stop: The Ras Batik shop in Dun Sungai Rambai

Old times sewing machine. Using your leg to make it function.

There are some batik clothes selling inside. Too bad didn't made to take part in drawing them on a plain cloth.

This is the kid that I met just now. He looks grumpy previously but now shy to show his drum talents lar. Haha

The baby model wearing batik cloth. I was that innocent before too...

The batik shop is our last stop for the day as we are going back to have dinner and there are more programs for night.

It was tea time so our foster parent prepared fried banana for us to eat. I like this food =D

Because our foster parents need to attend neighbours' kenduri, they "ta pao" for us Kampung Chicken Rice. Tasted so so and feel a bit pity when compared with others. T.t

At night after dinner and bath we went to nearby grocery store and found this super huge banana. People here usually eat it by frying it.

So what happen at night? Stay tune for part three of my Melaka Homestay trip! May I know which photo you like the most? =D


  1. So fun^^ it's really cold at night right? was volunteering for health talk n check in kampung once^^

  2. this is fun... I also wan to time

  3. [Glo-w~*]
    Yeah, night is super cooling~ =D

    Haha sure you can ;p

  4. no doubt u like to take photo of "coconuts"... monkey pun tak lepas!
    and i didn't know u were an innocent baby GIRL before! RAWRRR =p

  5. [Wern]
    If there are bigger "Coconuts" sure I will shoot more. For example, coconuts in Phuket ? haha!
    I can transform one you know? hoho

  6. I like the photo at lotus pond there which she snap the lotus and u snap her. it is so nice !! i like it !! ^_^

  7. [Lyan.H]
    Harlo Lyan thanks a lot for the compliment =)
    Now I now know how people feel about my photo =D

  8. I like the photo at lotus pond there which she snap the lotus and u snap her. it is so nice !! i like it !! ^_^

  9. [Glo-w~*]
    Yeah, night is super cooling~ =D

    Haha sure you can ;p

  10. [Wern]
    If there are bigger "Coconuts" sure I will shoot more. For example, coconuts in Phuket ? haha!
    I can transform one you know? hoho


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