Bio Malaysia 2009

Bio Malaysia Exhibition 2009 @ KLCC
17-19 November 2009

Apparently I took more photo this time compared to BioMalaysia 2008. The purpose to go to this exhibition is to attend their BNP [BioNexus Partners] Presentation Session. Compared to last year, there are more exhibition booth and more participant too. Especially company from Korea. Now there are more BioNexus status company getting involved too. I have gain more exposure on certain new invention and this is a good thing. Let see the photo streams while I elaborate them.

BNP Presentation

The hall looks better this year but the sound system for this presentation need some improvement. I can't really hear what they said because there is only one speaker located beside them.

After the talk we have 3 hours break before next talk, so we go to explore the hall.

Linked 30-300L Pilot Scale Fermenter

Made in Korea and they just looks shining

Korea Brand Hand Sanitizer - 24·7

Colored water was used to make it looks more attractive

When I reach Eppendorf booth something attracted me. They have a few games to let you to join and one of it is "Speeding Pipette Challenge".

Pipette different coloured solution at the assigned well and finish it as fast as you can.

Here is my "PLUS"

If you are Top 3 your name will be on the board
My record is 2:24 minutes and it is quickly kicked-down by new challenger.

This is the balance game between candies and the new pipette. You get the sugar once you balanced it. Eppendorf Research Plus has a very light weight [100gram +/-]

After finish the whole game then you can go for a lucky draw. I got an Eppendorf T-Shirt and my colleague got a fine chocolate.

Met ex-coursemate Susan, Nicole and Kohila

Pauline Liew and Dr. Jong from MOSTI & MINT

Saw the WheatGrass Can Drinks from INS

Honey Tablet

Okay, we met ChinHoong but he was busy that time
Next time for a better photo ya

Aside from the OrchidLife booth, this is the most beautiful booth that I like =)

Myagri Bio-Organic Program Landscape Sculpture

Now also have HIV Test Kit that is Made In Malaysia. Fast and accurate =)
Allen Healthcare Products

Something familiar - Air Lift BioReactor

Monascus purpureus - A kind of red mold that produce cholesterol-lowering statins and will be beneficial for medical uses. It looks ugly but useful for animals =)

Mobile Lab In a Truck

USB Portable Digital Microscope RM2,000++

Luckily met some UTAR Lecturers before we go for lunch.
Dr. Woo, Dr. Wong and Dr. Hii
Thanks my colleague Norul who always help us take photo =D


After lunch we back for the BNP presentation but Susan and Nicole need to leave earlier. Wanna share with you about the presentation that captivated me =)
Plant Tissue Culture in FRIM [ Forest Research Institute Malaysia]

Mr. Kodi Isparan Kandasamy - A funny yet interesting speaker

The difference between Cloned Trees and Wild Type individuals. Either you looks all the same or you can be fat,thin,tall or short. From the business's point of view, which one would you choose?

FRIM has fully equipped laboratory and numerous nursery. Wish I can visit there one day.

Now human also can create artificial plant seeds.

After all, there is one thing that Mr.Kodiswaran very pro in.
To manage a working team with all the ladies!!
Seems like ladies is always better in doing fine work with cares =)


  1. wahhzz...i feel so uneducated after looking at all this things lol

  2. if i know the event i sure attend..
    my previous company was the one in charge in registration~

  3. u won the t-shirt?? next time wear together with sze mun~ a cute cute shirt ya.. hahaha~! tats dr woo instead of dr. chai la... hehehe~!

  4. [Seraph]
    Haha different field ma
    I also don't know much about hospitality ;p

    [Kwong Fei]
    Is it? =)
    BioMalaysia 2010 is coming~!

    First of all thanks for the correction ^@^"
    The T-Shirt looks a bit funny la ;p
    Not sure want to wear it o

    [Gyee Jong]
    You are welcome =)


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