"She" Hurt Her Eye

Slippery road on a rainy day,
Tiring me can't see my way.
With just a bump he say "hey",
This will cause me a thousand pay!

Yeah...Tonight is my unlucky day, had a crush on Hilux wei, tayar puncit side dented,

Now my car shoot "sepet" ray...

This is my first time to feel FML, and I hope this is my last time too! Luckily I just ruin the "Milo shell" of my car but not the inside organs (radiator and engines +++). Now I need to get more money to cure this "extra" spend.

Hmm... Maybe it is the right time to ask for a raise?

PS: Click on the ads on my blog will somehow help me a little bit? T.t

Corrected "hurted" to "hurt".Thanks AngelKein for correcting my English! ^@^"
So to all my blog readers, please correct me when I use broken+wrong english kay? Your comment is appreciated!


  1. WEI, when u kena one? I ALSO FML FML kao kao lat lor. MY car dipecah masuk...cermin pecah, laptop hilang. IS COMPANY LAPTOP. FML FML!

  2. wow...i oso kena my car's right eye last month end. issit our biotech course kena curse? we must pray 99!

    TC...I repair my car, change light,bumper,and paint need bout over 1K. and is not original!!!

    I advice u better get insurance claim. or else....

  3. luckily u're safe !!get insurance should be ok right?^^~

  4. [Nicole]
    Yours are more serious I guess T.t
    Must look at the brightside! Even it cost you few hundreds bucks to repair the car window and maybe few k for the laptop...You will have a faster laptop! *touch Wood*

    [Blur Pei]
    Touch wood! Biotech course kena curse is a big big no! >.<

    I just survey one car repairing shop and he told me it cost around RM200 by replacing non-original bulbs and screw back the bumper

    Yeah, luckily me and him is save =)
    Hope I can claim from insurance too!

  5. omg!! poor thing to Nicole!! that really sucks BIG TIME!! Hope for that, you'll win the dell laptop!! although that has nth to do with d stolen office laptop.. bummer. do u have to pay it??

    Tianchad: at least u re safe.. but i get what u mean.. the mahfan inconvenience of it all.. and $$$ burnt..

  6. [cklim]
    Hope it does =)

    First of all thanks for dropping by and comment =)

    I wish Nicole's company can treat her a new laptop because it wasn't her fault to get it stealed.

    Really hope the money burnt will bring me a new lucky star!


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