[Save Our Seahorse] - Creatures in Seagrass Bed

After visit National Park Tanjung Piai, we are going to find seahorse again~! I found my first seahorse the day before. Do I manage to find one this time? Please continue =)

The sun rised

The ladies woke up. They are going with us to find seahorse too

Fisherman just came back form the sea and the crab has something to say

Golden yellowish sun rise

Morning LiErn and me both with puffy eyes

The driver that showing his natural charisma on the boat.

Me with YengYeng =)

Singapore industry area over the sea

After 15 minutes ride, we arrived at the SeaGrass Bed again! I still remember the day before Choo manage to find one seahorse immediately after we dock our boat.

This time YengYeng found the Seagrass' fruits [Enhalus species]
According to the myth, you can eat it to become a mermaid =)

Sunny ray shine on the seagrass

Today besides looking for seahorse we are tracking Dugong's feeding trail too.
Did you see the trail that was left after Dugong ate the seagrass?

We are then separated into different way to see if there are more duong's trail

As for me, I didn't waste a chance to look for other living creature on the seagrass bed. Let see what I found!! First of all, this red cucumber.

Its colour indicated that it might be poisonous.

Purple sea anemone

Green anemone

Enhalus Tape Seagrass bear fruits and seeds

This creature spitted water and it is actually a kind of sea cucumber

Erm...I don't know this creature's name

Different kind of seagrass

I saw other people collecting these for lunch/dinner/supper

I am looking for other creature, they are already far far away from me ;p
So how wide is the seagrass bed??

Soldier Crab

Star Fish

I guess he/she is not poisonous ;p

Did you saw the crab?

"Please don't disturb when I am eating"
The snail can eat a clam because its strong "jaw"

The pure white jellyfish

Since my main task is to track the seahorse and dugong feeding trail but not other sea creatures. I gotta try to find them too. So.....Luckily I found this dark brown seahorse~!

This is the second seahorse that I found. It is darker compared to the first seahorse that I found. It is hard for us first timer to track them as they are very good disguise. If you are very good at it you can find 20++ seahorse each day.

The golden seahorse that was found by others

This guy found a seahorse and brought to us

We do appreciate his help in locating seahorse, he even provide us GPS coordinates of where he found it. However, it is a wrong step to do if you move the seahorse away from the place it initially located.

Therefore, the right way is to put the seahorse in a plastic bag with sea water. Then wait for the person who responsible to tag the seahorse to arrive.

The sky start to rain, the rainbow then appeared

We decided to leave the place when the water rise.
The happy three friends =)

We definitely enjoy ourselves in this trip

We met them on the way back
Guess what, we got police on land, and also police on sea
And they both have a common thing - a ____ habit

These are the mangrove boots that save us from the spiky poking on the sea bed.

After cleaning, we continue to do the survey for dugong like yesterday
This time we will head to a few more fisherman village.
If you don't know yet, Dugong is called the Sea Cow too.


  1. nice photos eh... many sea creatures i have not seen before :D
    the seahorsey u found so cute, it curled its tail on your finger kekeke

  2. It is! =)
    You should go there with friends and find one to curl on your hand. You'll feel...special!


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