Men's Uno Model Search 2009 [M'sia] - Part 2

Hi all especially the girls, if you missed the Men's Uno Part I click here. This time you will able to see Men's Uno finalist catwalk with Lab Series by showing their best body build for tonight.Kee has the best physical among all other finalist =)

Calvin with his peak confidence


Adrian looks shy when doing his catwalk shirtless XD

Okay here still have a cool pose.

Hwei Hou

Aetzakhy and Peter Davis

Last contestant Joel

After Lab Series Catwalk they are back into their coats. Some womans said they look at a guy as in package. You have the good looking face and body but more important is the inside. I am talking about the brain.

So five finalists has successfully go into the final round. They are Kee, Adrian, Calvin, Hwei Hou and Joel.

Kee was asked if suddenly his clothes all ripped off on the stage during a catwalk what would he do. As a model, he said. He need to be professional by continue and finish the walk naked.

I wonder why the organizer asked this question. Are they planing to organize a "Suddenly naked catwalk"? Then what are they promoting? The body art?

I would say I can't do that =.="

Calvin was asked to do three action/poses that represent Malaysia. This is one of his resemble - The Teh Tarik

Here comes The Roti Canai

Adrian received a good question about how he will react when he saw the female model in front suddenly fall down during catwalk. When Royce as the "model" Adrian just ask "her" to stand up again and continue the walk. When Serina C is the model Adrian just hold her at that particular posture and just maintain it. Too bad I didn't manage to snap that photo.

Hwei Hou was asked the same question as Calvin.

This is one of his answer.

Okay, Joel has a very though question for every guy.
"Between Amber Chia, Xandra Ooi, and Gillian, which lady would you choose to travel with and you must tell why you eliminate the other two"

I saw Joel start sweating and he choose Xandra in the end. Not with Gillian because of the "kakak and adik" a.k.a. age issue, not with Amber because of paparazzi issue, but choose Xandra because she is going to be married soon! It is funny to see Amber become hyped up at how Joel answer the question XD

So the "Testing intelligence" session has end and the judges is tallying their score to choose the winners. ManHand performed and I guess not much people know about them as the crowd are plain silent. That's why they are a bit shy on the stage too. I agree they are going to become popular and make Malaysia proud too =DYes, they are Malaysia artist!

"漫游世界" - One of their song

Van is kinda pretty

So after ManHand's performance, we are back with the results
Different face expression on differen people.
Confidence? Worried? Happy go lucky?

Kee has won the "Celebrity Fitness 健美身形大奖" @ "Best Body Build" Honour
and also "Lab Series优质肌肤大奖" @ "Best Skin"

Men's Uno thanking Amber Chia for coming as one of the judges

I was kinda surprised to see Calvin Hee won the 2nd runner up while Joel won the 1st runner up. I guess Calvin was surprised too.

Who is the big winner? Adrian Chee! He won the opportunity to develop his carrier in participate the modeling contest in Shanghai which provided by andrewsmodels. I guess the 40% SMS Voting that made the results different.

Congratz again to all winners and hope the other finalist continue to pursue their dream. In my opinion mostly all the finalist has the potential to become a model and they just need to do better in coming times.

Extra story: Since I was in the rush I forgot where I parked my car . This eventually gave me a chance to took a ride on the "Battery Operated Golf Car" to find my car. This is the bad and good things that happened to me that night.

Stay positive and you will live happier =D


  1. sosola, the 2nd one more leng zai but very skinny. hahaha

  2. [JiNg JiNg]
    Yeap, 2nd one more leng zai but body build lose to Kee =)
    Thanks for dropping by!


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