[Save Our Seahorse] - Tanjung Piai

Let's continue with my Save our Seahorse story, after end our [SOS] Dugong's survey trip, Choo bring us to somewhere southernmost tip of mainland asia =)

Welcome to Tanjung Piai
The National Park in Johor at Southernmost tip of Mainland Asia

This is the only mangrove tree's scientific name that I can remember - Rhizophora stylosa
In Malay just called "Bakau"

I remember we just need to pay a small amount for the entrance fee
Around RM 3.00 +/-

They have this special wooden Recycle Bin =)

We went through this alley and it bring us to somewhere very close to the nature yet so extraordinary.

He is the tourguide that lead us around and explain to us what species the mangrove's tree are and the reason why they are going to extinct.

We saw big lizard, sea snake and lots of other living creature =)

We reached the southern tip of Malaysia, saw the BIG Globe?

Veni, Vidi, Vici @ "I came, I saw, I conquered"
We have conquered Tanjung Piai~! =D

It won't be complete without a jump with "Malaysia's Daily Planet"

I don't know this National Park will available for how many years, but I would say if the environment doesn't getting any better it will be closed forever. However, you can somehow preserve this place by "Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle" and Go Green~!

We are kinda in a rush and didn't stay long in the national park. Although it is short we still able to explore the other side of Malaysia and satisfied my visual hunger.

Talking about that mades us hungry~! Choo brought us to Pulau Kukup and walked into the fish village. Bought this colourful jelly and heading to the of the dock.
*~Kukup PinFen Crystal Jelly~*

The sunset that I mean =)

With the sunset and the Jelly, we are ready to take picture again~!

But Jelly can't satisfied our stomach, so we went to a sea food restaurant where the spicy tasty smell came out.

I want to have chili, but chili cause me pimples

海金海鲜楼 @ High King Sea Food Restaurant

I was hungry and just simply snap one photo for each dish ^@^"
I like the little sotong and the fish~!

That time we have a special guest and I already forgot her name.
Do you recognize her? =)
Anyhow, we cheers and "Yum Sheng"~!

Back to the house, all of them do some Yoga except me cos I wanna take picture! *The other reason is because I am not so flexible*

YengYeng is the Yoga Princess and Choo is the Yoga Prince!

After the night, we are going to find Seahorse again! =D
In this post, which photo you like the most?


  1. I love the sunset! it looks like in the movie "independence day" where the UFO going to shoot down a huge ray of laser! (slap me to wake me plz!)

  2. not bad! they all do yoga even during vacation!! nice trip btw! looks so much fun!

  3. [theeggyolks]
    One of my favourite too =)


    [Wen Pink]
    It is =) And the fun doesn't end here ;p

  4. a nice place right? been there a few times ;)

  5. i went to Tanjung Piai once. place was really pretty and really calming.

    have you been to the southern most tip of Borneo? it's at Kudat, Sabah called Tanjung Simpang Mengayau. uber nice place too.

    pictures - http://bit.ly/aDbNpV


  6. [Allison]
    Yeah it is =)

    [dila ariff]
    Wah I haven't been there before =S
    If have chance sure I will travel to there~! Thanks for sharing~!


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