Thanks to "F & H Farm Direct"!

Today I would like to thanks the honourable man Mr. Heng from F & H Farm Direct Sdn Bhd because he let me knock his car. No no no, I mean I appreciate him for not charging me too much on the repair fees for his Hilux vehicle.

Yes I had an accident. To repair my own car I can choose the "RM200 package" or "RM400++ package". The latter one is to change genuine Bosch light while the former one is a lot cheaper because the bulb is "Made In Malaysia". Malaysia boleh! Ops...

In the end I choose the cheaper package because I don't know how much that Hilux will cost me...(This is what happen when you have low salary and low saving)

Apparently the fees to repair and remold the the shield of Hilux is expensive which cost me RM280 RM250. And to change the tyre I got charged RM300+/- RM 200. Total up RM450.

So this month I had spent extra RM650 on this fortunate crush/crash or whatever, which means I wil need to have less outing...

Anyhow, if you happens to be a wholesaler & retailer for vegetables, please feel free to trade with F&H Farm Direct Sdn Bhd because they are specialised in Tomatoes, Capsicums, Brinjals, French Bean and more!

Hope this will help him in any way and I really appreciate him for everything. Maybe in the future I will able to cooperate with him? =D

I hope you guys can look at the brightside if you encounter any bad things recently, cos it will helps you turn bad things into something better. After all you will feel it wasn't that bad at all!


PS: A single click on my ads will helps me to recover faster~! Thank you very muchy? =D


JolynGoh said…
*Applause* kam dou tak.. always have been envying the way you look at the bright side... I think ppl will look for you in future and offer you to knock their car coz will get free promo... XD
TianChad田七 said…
Haha be optimistic and will feel better ma =)
But I hope in future people direct offer me to write advertorial, hehe.

Thanks for dropping by~!
MsXeRoZ Nicole said…
WOH..u bang my office neighbour owner car. HAHA. im at lot 50-2 Jalan Puteri 5/2. LOL!

Where u bang him?
TianChad田七 said…
I banged his car near IOI business park. That time his driver is driving.

Now you know new neighbour ha? =)

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