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[Sneak Peek] All-American Rejects @ Malaysia

Courtesy of Nuffnang and DiGi, I was one of the lucky bloggers [Bryan, Me, Shakira, Hazel, Vanessa] to be able to attend AAR Press Conferences and a "Round Table Session".Chris,Tyson,Mike and Nick from AAR @ Nikki Hotel Press Conference

I would like to thanks Lynn for helping us in every way for the "Round table session"
Appreciate for your efforts =)

Guess who is he tieing up the shoes? =)

Fortunately+ unfortunately we are able to meet Mike and Chris only instead of four of them together. But hey we can sit so close with them! =D
Now I know what "Round Table" Session looks like haha!

Was at Bukit Jalil for AAR concert too and this is one of the best photo taken using my 2 year old Lumix Compact cam. Should I get a DSLR next time?

*Hints *December is coming~!

Last but not least, thanks again to DiGi and Nuffnang for all the opportunity that you have provided to us as I gain new exposure through you guys! Cheers =)

Updated: Here is the full post for the AAR Press Conference and Round Table Session. Including the Halloween Music Concert~!

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Look at the brightside!! You are going to speak out! Thanks for dropping by :)