Bio Malaysia 2008

Due to bandwidth problem, I am sorry for not blogging for a long time since picture cannot be uploaded. But luckily today the IP. Address I am using now is fine! ;p
On 8th October 2008, Me, PeiYing and Norul went to KLCC for the 2008 Bio Malaysia exhibition. As usual, registration need to be done before going in.
Compared to last year, the name tag provided looks better and higher quality.

Since we are using working day to explore the exhibition, we need to get something useful for our company besides spending half day wondering in KLCC. Haha ;p

These are the oil palm fruit which growing nicely. They are HUGE!

And these are different types of capsule to encapsulate fishoil, medicine or other types of supplement.

Whereas this is the TIMO Cordyceps. (冬虫夏草)

Tissue culture technique was used to produce it and it is the subtitute for people who like to consume the "real" and expensive Cordyceps.

This product is higher in nutrition value and more affordable to us.

This is the fermenter selling at a lot cheaper price compared to other company in Taiwan.
Therefore, the market for fermenter has changed.

Along the exhibition, we met Ange working in there.
Happy to see her there :)

When we are leaving the exhibition, we saw Kohila and Amreet and happy to see them too ^@^
I can't find a camera man so I am not in there...Aiks

At the end, what we get from the exhibition are
Alot of catalog from new supplier, brochure of competitor of our company which also produce fertilizer +product sample from FIRST-BASE which I have no idea what are they. The only thing I know is for PCR. Now we got a lot of things to show to boss ;p

Ohya, I bought something from the exhibition.
It is the MyGreenOil
According to them it can save more fuel and improve the mileage, power and performance, etc.
Since it is only RM 10 for a bottle, I will just give it a try and see if it works for my car.

Maybe you should get it a try too ;p


Nicole said…

btw..the girl with AMreet is KOHILA..not gauuuri..LOL..terrible..

ANyway..I wan go also!!!
Nicole said…
oh..i forget to say!

永遇乐 said…
Luckily I didn't said Godzilla ;p

Thanks for the correction la ..haha
Hurley said…
woohoo! Sounds like a day of fun! How's life?
永遇乐 said…
It is fun when you use working time to do something new and interesting ;p

My life is okay and I will make sure it gets better!!

Hope all the best to you too ;p

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