AAR Halloween Concert At Bukit Jalil

After attended my first AAR Press conference and Meet & Greet Session, here comes my another half day for the All-American Rrejects music concert.

Met Angelkein for the first time (and need to take new photo next time)

Somethings going to happen. Is it going to rain soon?

The people queuing up obediently since 12PM...but not for long

It eventually turn out into pushing scene, all the barbarian youngster sure feel very excited for pushing each other. BUT not for the tiny girl!

Even all the guards together also cannot withstand it and eventually need to let us come in slowly. Or else I bet a bunch of people will be "sleeping" on the floor being stepped across along the way.

When they reach inside they quickly rush to the center and find the best spot

We are actually standing near the so called "VIP & Media" area but not for the VIP who get their passes through Hitz.FM. This is how we looks before the concert started.

Who's with me? Jacquelyn, Jackie and Amanda =)

Noticed young girls in the VIP area and the 4th looks like Tyson's sister
Maybe that's why they have exclusive passes? Hmm...

It is good to be media because you can take picture like them.
With BIG free space and flexibility.

Apparently the concert did not started on time as they've mentioned on the ticket. People tired of waiting and I am standing hungrily. I can't remember when it started but I know saw a ghost on the stage.

The "ghost" is checking the sound system

First time listening to Disagree's Music. Sounds not bad.

When rain start to pour, I feel glad that Amanda did bring an umbrella to cover four of us. Thank you! How bout the media people?

Oh..Their video cam is wearing the "DiGi Raincoat"

I am getting more familiar with Pop Shuvit because he is always with his sunglasses

This is my first time seeing a mom that is so protective to hold an umbrella for her son even he has already wearing a raincoat. Aunty, I know you love your son, and I am happy for him, but your umbrella is blocking our view and I hope you show your love in another way round...

Do you know that if your parent are over protective you might ends up not able to withstand stress as much as other people do?
PS: Just my opinion

Since the performance is not continuous and it is like Play-and-Pause show, I wander around and saw this flying Halloween creature.

Thanks for creating the ambience

Estrella was there to performed too, but she is not singing the best song this time

She is in the focus

And he is definitely in the focus!

During some boring waiting, this is how we kill our time

Ean and Natalie picked up 10 people and let them dance on the stage to win the limited AAR merchandize. In the end the "monkey" won.

Okay I am getting tired...but pretending not

I didn't pay much attention on the performance given by One Buck Short, Pop Shuvit, Disagree or whatever this time. Cos I came here to see how AAR perform live!!

They have a very professional music instrument/ sound system testing team. Which took us half an hour for that. I don't blame them because that's how we get to see AAR perform really well =)

Amanda was haunted by the death slayer

AAR Music Concert @ Bukit Jalil 2009

"I wanna touch you"

Tyson is a "monkey"

Chris is the drummer playing with perfect tempo

Mike is the goofy guitarist

Nick is the Shadow guitarist

I don't have much photo with me, so do google around and you will find more from other blog =)

Anyhow, presenting you "Give You Hell"


"Give You Hell" was the ending of the concert, but it is only ended after the Meet & Greet Session. Again, barbaric crowd climb instead of finding the right way out.

I will tell you a dirty little secret.
Bukit Jalil become a dirty little place after the concert end.

Here is a question,
Will you carry her to make her happy? So that you might feel happy too? =)

What do I feel after this concert? I guess I am the "old" crowd for this concert because there were bunch of kids coming to this event. Even their protective parents also come along too!

I will prefer a concert when I can sit and enjoy it comfortably like T Music Festival or something better. One thing I have learned, never park your car at the parking place where everyone will be parking at, because if you do you will stuck in the traffic jam. Luckily I parked my car so far away. Another thing is, this concert is very exhausting because if you wanna stand near the stage you need to come very early for the good spot. So...Eat more before you go for a concert unless you wanna faint like a sleeping beauty.

Ok, I will stop here before I changed my topic too far away =)


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