Tian Chad's CNY Chu Yi "初一" @ Melaka

First, please guess where am I in the below picture ;p

This year's CNY is a little bit different
We don't wake up early in the morning this time
We wake up when we feel want to wake up ;p

Me and my family visit grandmother's house as usual as what we did every year
This is "Ah Zim" and first time taking picture with her after 22 years I was born

This is my Grandma & Grandpa Wedding's picture
Very antique right? :)

After visit grandma house and had some Angpow
Father bring us all to visit his boss house

Camwhore on the car is a must do mission on new year day

We even camwhore at people's house
Some random shoot

Ferrero Rocher
Now you see it

Now you don't

Part-time posing for KREITEN'S Candy

My little bro with eldest sis
We have the biggest Angpow from father's boss besides Angpow from my parents ~
This year we only visit two house as...
"We're Different"
Quoted by 8TV

The night has come!!
*Above picture captured using my LUMIX FX 100 ~ *

We went to have a dinner at LONG FENG @ 龍鳳 @ Melaka Renaissance Hotel
Yesterday was having the Longevity Buffet Dinner @ Summerfields of Melaka Renaissance Hotel too! ;p

This time, we are having the "Golden Ox Prosperous Set" with 9 dishes
Heard mom said that one set cost more than RM1,200 ++
Chinese do spent a lot on food and gambling right? ;p

This is the first dish.
~ Prosperous Yee Sang with Salmon Fish @ 三文鱼生 ~

~ Shark's Fin Soup with Dried Scallops and Shredded Chicken @ 干贝鸡丝翅 ~

~ Roasted Chicken and Duck in Barbeque Sauce @ 鸳鸯烧鸡鸭 ~

~ Steamed Garoupa with Salted Vegetables @ 川菜蒸红斑 ~

How many teeth does a Garoupa own?
Can fight with small shark?

~ Stewed Mixed Vegetables with Bean curd Skin and Grated Yam @ 腐竹芋丝蔬 ~

~ Braised Sea Cucumber with Abalones & Garden Greens @ 海参鲍鱼仔 ~

~ Braised Hong Kong Noodles with Assorted Seafood @ 海鲜扒伊面 ~
~ Double Boiled Bird's Nest with Coconut Flesh @ 椰青炖燕窝 ~
~ Golden Prosperity Dumpling @ 金银富贵酥 ~

~ Double Boiled Bird's Nest with Coconut Flesh @ 椰青炖燕窝 ~

All Five of us was captured!
*Do Mi Re Fa So*

The dinner finished around 10 PM and since the night is still young we travel around Melaka
Went to this Lantern & Light Ornament Fair @ Melaka River
This fair will be held until 22nd March 2009
Basically almost all of them are Melaka Point of Interest (POI) and Landmarks

This is the entrance

Aiks...lazy to elaborate ;p
Come to Melaka and I am sure you will able to see them ~

This is the biggest ornament
The dragon!!

So after watching this post are you drooling now? ;p
Do read these post too !
Some are food and some are landmarks of Melaka

So for those who are not living in Melaka.
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Woots!! The End~~!
Wait wait, I got something to share.
Have you seen a girl being slapped by a guy in front of publics?
Unluckily I have seen one today!!
I thought it was someone killing the flies...The sound so loud...

What is your opinion on this issue?
Please leave a comment ar!!


  1. this is just a wild guess... You should be the boy wearing light blue t shirt. Am i correct?
    chee hung

  2. [JIA XIAN]
    The pict was contrast optimized by Photoshop
    So that can see more stars :)

    It took long time to get a good shot~


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