Castrol EDGE Sport Speed Challenge

Have you ever think of changing your Kancil to a better car??
Hmm...Such as Ferrari?

Yes I know some of you did, but it will burn a big hole in your pocket right?

So, during the recent economic crisis season, is there another way to boost up your car performance instead of changing to a new car??
Yes! You can try Castrol EDGE Sport 0W-40~!

The new Castrol EDGE Sport is a fully synthetic formulation that is specifically formulated to:
• Deliver maximum horsepower up to 45% longer
• Pass the demanding M111 FE European fuel economy test
• Protect under extreme temperatures
• Exceed high performance standards set by premium car manufacturers
• Deliver superior thermal stability in turbo diesel engines, ensuring minimal internal deposits for cleaner internals
• Flow freely to critical areas requiring protection, especially when col

After using Castrol EDGE Sport 0W-40 you can even try drifting with Kancil

This time, Castrol has organized an online contest called the Castrol EDGE Sport Speed Challenge. There are four teams that race against the time to change the engine oil within the fastest time possible. They are:

1. Hot Chics (Eva & Cindy)
2. The Geeks ( Nick & Nizom)
3. Sweet Young Things
( Isma & Sarah)
4. The Pros ( Dharsan & Zaid)

A video will be released once a week for four-week period and all you need to do is to guess the time each group spent on changing their engine oil. The person who guess the correct or closest time to the actual time will win over RM10,000 worth of prizes!

Here is the Week One's Video!

So what are the prizes??

1 unit Sony Bravia 37” LCD TV
User with the closest overall answers for total 4 weeks.

1 unit Sony PS3
User with the 2nd closest overall answers for total 4 weeks.

1 unit iPod Touch 8GB
User with the 3rd closest overall answers for total 4 weeks.

1 unit WALKMAN® MP3 Player

4 X Weekly Prizes for Guess & Win
1 unit WALKMAN® MP3 Player
Users with the first accurate or closest answer for weekly videos.

6 X Prizes for Blog & Win
1 unit WALKMAN® MP3 Player
For bloggers who write the most creative post about the Castrol EDGE Speed Challenge.

Plus exclusive Castrol premiums for all winners!
1 unit WRC Car Model
1 unit Castrol EDGE Sport Umbrella
1 unit Castrol EDGE Sport T-shirt

There will be one weekly winner and a grand prize winner for the Castrol EDGE Sport Speed Challenge. Guess the correct time and win over RM10,000 worth of prizes!

But how to win?? It is easy!!

1. Watch weekly videos.
2. Guess how much time it took for each team to
complete the task.
3. Key in your best guess for all 4 teams.
4. The overall closest guess for ALL 4 videos wins!

Weekly Prizes!
Every week, the closest guess to theactual time wins one
of our four weekly prizes, and will also be in the running
for the Grand Prize!

Besides that, for bloggers like us, we can actually
blog and win!
1. Register your blog URL when you sign up.
2. Create a blog post entitled “Castrol EDGE Sport Speed
Challenge”. Talk about our contest.
3. Remember to embed the video as well. Embed code can
be found at each video page.
4. The 6 most creative blog posts win!

You will witness the competition between the Beauty and the Geek

While the four teams are competing with each other
I believe they might able to have fun like what Mariah Carrey and the Geek did ;p
*Only in imagination*

*PS: Since the real MTV is not available in our country, I can only find the alternative *

So, what else are you waiting for? Start guessing now~!


  1. The Castrol EDGE video is so cool~

  2. [David]
    Same here!!
    Wait till I become a millionaire then only I can own one.

    If not, try Castrol EDGE Sport :)

  3. Beauty and the Geek tv show is my favorite tv show. I like this show very much. I have watched its 3 season of it yet. And I like every episode of it till 3rd season. Now I want to watch Beauty and the Geek online of 4th season...


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