Tian Chad's CNY Chu Liu "初六" @ Yellow Cab

On the 6th day of CNY
I was back to work on the so-called "company's lucky open ceremony" day.
Which means “吉日” in Chinese :)

Even the best time to open the office is set to 9.30 am
So a lots of colleagues who don't know already reach there since 8.30 am (Including me...)
We manage to have a morning tea at Mamak Stall nearby to spend the waiting time.

This is my first time joining a company's open ceremony and first time receiving Angpows from my boss and supervisors :)

We then go in the office after 9.30 am and saw those CNY + Christmas's Card all around the floor.
Can you see a "$" sign at the blank area ? ;p
This means our company will "Huat La"! Haha

Basically there is nothing to do on Saturday
And I learnt new tradition that even there is nothing to do on the "Lucky open ceremony day"
You should print out something using the printer.
As a meaning of you are contributing to company and you will be hardworking for whole year?
I guess~

Just a photo with Pei Ying before we left the office after half day working la

Since it is only afternoon before the upcoming night event
I tried to travel around KL/Petaling Jaya without using my E90 GPS
Which ends up get lost in KL Town...
Passed through Mid-Valley, a lot of traffic jams, and accidentally went in KLCC's Underground Parking Lot...
Since no passing through is allowed and you need to pay RM3.00, I decided to have my lunch at KLCC! ;p

I missed A&W Root Beer + Floats and here I come!
The packaging of the burger and French's fries has changed and it really
"More Than The Usual!"
Travel around KLCC and checked the price of Compact Cameras and DSLR
Not a good time to own a new camera...

Looked at the time, it is only 3 PM so I planned to go back home and take a rest and then get myself armed with GPS.
But I get lost again till 6 something and ends up grabbed my GPS and straightaway go to the night event... T.t

I've already tired of driving whole day long
Luckily I met some of my friends first and carpool to Yellow Cab Pizza Co. (4251-2003)
Yellow Cab mainly focus on delivery business like what Domino's Pizza do
So we keep seeing the Yellow Cab delivering the pizza.

Kah Shin ordered three Pizza and we started camwhored on the waiting moment

James + Kah Shin with his "kawaii" pose

A photo captured by the photographer that keep praising his skills after look at the photo ;p

Here he is!! The so called "pro-tographer" - Kah Shin! ;p
I would prefer call him the "pro-poser"

"You need to wait for 7 more minutes for your Pizza~"

"6 minutes~ "

"5 more minutes then you can eat~!"

" 4 more minutes to go~"

Then the timer changed to Li Ern ;p
"3 more minutes, 3 more minutes~"

"Yeapy! 2 more minutes!"

"One more minute then you can start to eat~!"

Aren't they "pro-poser"? ;p
Here comes the most delicious chessy Pizza
There were actually 4 kinds on cheeses added and it taste really good :)

And the other two "so-so" taste Pizzas

Actually 3 pizzas all together was too much for us.
Kah Shin orded 3 because he thought got 6 people coming...~
Who is the 6th person that came? SixthSeal?
No idea ;p

Tonight we are celebrating Mun2's Birthday again as last time Kah Shin wasn't there and we didn't gave Mun2 presents.
She get two T-shirt and the water bottle. Hope these present suit her with the Sabah's Expedition

After this, we went to Kah Shin's house and gamble after took some pictures ;p

This is actually a gamble game learned from one of the Facebook's Application
I can't remember the name now.
But it is fun to play psychology with the people as you can con others that you are having good cards.

And if you win you win alot~
The big winner tonight!! Li Ern!! :)

"Little gamble is fun, but don't ever addict to it as it will ruins you"
That's what my grandpa and and my dad always said


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