"The Punisher: Warzone" Premiere with Nuffnangers

Yesterday night was the premiere for
The Punisher: Warzone @ Cathay CineLeisure Damansara
Which was organized by Nuffnang
Thank you Nuffnang :)

I invited Chia Hur to go with me as this is a guy movie and I don't think women would like it
Woman would prefer "Enchanted" more than "The Punisher" right?
Just my guess

Me and Hur went to Italiannies @ The Curve for dinner

Ordered four bowls of Pasta for "only" RM29.90

We were served with the breads and vinegar-oil mixed sauce as the appetizer

The vinegar and oil that you can eat with the bread

The ambience is more suitable for couples to visit, not for two guys...

This is what we have ordered
Shrimp Linguine, Chicken Lasagna, Fussili Pesto and Mushrooms + Classic Carbonara

The food tasted moderate as I feel everything were extremely spiced. Even my Iced Lemon Tea also too sweet to drink.
Maybe this is just the style of Italiannies' dish.

After the dinner, we went to Outpost Cafe as it is the place for Nuffnangers to hang out
There were two cops guarding the entrance

And there are already a lot of Nuffnangers "lepak" inside and I only recognize Huai Bin, SotongZai, and KY
Since they are busy down there, I didn't ask for a group shot

Inside there, you can actually try "The Punisher" video game

This is the "Surprise chair" that you will feel surprised when you lay your butt on it

"War Zone Training" and "Quick Draw" challenges taking place from 8.45pm onwards
It is hard to ask people joining the challenges as we are the shy Malaysians

Below are some of the participants

And Huai Bin with the "Ultra Nerf Gun"

Not forgetting Adam Tui, my junior from PFHS
He won the big prizes in the challenge, congratz :)

A shoot with Adam

A group photo for the pretty Nuffnangers :)

And a group photo of me with Victoria and her sister, Debra.

At the beginning of the premiere, there is actually a short-show of The Punisher found in the cinema hall.
The Punisher take down the cops easily and found the bom under Debra's seat.

The Punisher is also the Starwars' fan
The Luke @ Comic Fiesta 2008

Basically "The Punisher: Warzone" is a 18 SG movie that focused on how Ray Stevenson,the punisher revenge and punish the bad people. You will able to see jumping people bommed by Bazuka, alot of head shot and violent scene. Unfortunately one day the punisher accidentally killed the good cop which has a happy family like he used to be. He feel regret and finding ways to pay back. At last, the punisher managed to save the family from the bad guy and this become the end of the story...

If you like a movie which is full of action and added with some humor elements. Watch this movie ;p

I would rate this movie 7/10. You dont need to think about what the stories are talking about as the story line is simple and straightforward. You will able to enjoy how the punisher punish those bad guys.

Thanks again Nuffnang for the free ticket :)
I am now looking forward for the premiere of "Terminator Salvation"
Will Nuffnang organize an event for that? ;p


  1. Hello there, would have been happy to take a group photo. :)

    I love the scripted scene with Frank Castle and the bomb...very nicely done.

    BTW, it's sixthseal.com ;)

    See ya in future events buddy!

  2. [Huai Bin]
    Haha! Will ask for a group photo next time :)

    Sorry for the mistake as I was in a hurry ar.

    See you soon!

  3. hey!

    that pic: the first guy shooting the darts which you havent got his name yet.

    that was me! haha

    nice to meet you!

    I'm K-Tuck from http://www.k-tucky.blogspot.com

    See you soon!

  4. hey hey!: )
    nice meeting you there! ahaha: )

    see you arounddd.

  5. @@ I still haven't got the chance to try Italianese yet

  6. Ello there... didn;t get to join the real bloggers coz my friend wasn't really into socializing.. but hope there will be another chance we could do that again~ and the gun shooting was really cool~

  7. [K-Tuck]
    Hi! Now I know your name.
    Nice to meet you too! :)

    [debra fong]
    Same here ^@^

    [Jian Akiraceo (Miao)]
    You can try it at the curve / 1 Utama. There is 1 more branch which i forgot the place.

    Maybe you can try this @ The Curve when you are going to watch movie at Cineleisure~

    Hope to see you next time then :)

  8. [marccus]
    Haha, come back to Puchong then
    and next time we can join the event together ar! :)


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