Tian Chad's CNY Chu Si "初四" @ Dataran Pahlawan (Melaka)

The fourth day of CNY @ Chu Si (初四)
Didn't go to visit relative or friend's house and just resting at home
Dad ask if we want to hang out with him. Why not?

We went to Dataran Pahlawan, Melaka
Wandering around and stopped by a so called "Thai Wadee" Foot Massage Shop

We picked the 30 minutes foot massage package
First, your feet will be shampooed and washed before going to the massage hall
This is to prevent the foot massage servant knock out by the smell of people with "Hong Kong"'s feet.

Then, you will enjoy the foot massage for 30 minutes.
You can ask them to press harder if you don't feel much pain.
According to what my dad said, all the massage servants are Chinese and not using the Thai's Massage Technique.
But still feel great after the massage :)

My sis is so happy that they provide extra service beside massaging foot
Which is the removal of old + hard foot skin
Girls do really need this because wearing high heels will form thick layers of foot skins at specific area

All kind of knifes/shavers are available for peeling off the annoying foot skin
Which is made in China by the famous "三把刀"

There is also Fish Spa service provided
The ambiance there will make you feel relax while the hungry fish feeding on your feet's skin.
Will the fish keep biting the limbs hair because thought they are worms?

This man is the person who served me and we talked a lot within the 30 minutes
He said they need to work from 10 am to 12 am without lunch hour
Whole day massage people's feet until hands tired like hell.
They can only rest while there are no customer

He also has a Degree Certificate but cannot find a job at China.
So need to travel to Malaysia to find a job
Now I feel lucky that I have a job at my own country during this economy crisis :)
And looking for better opportunity at the same time
Thanks for your service :)

Later on, we went to "Wong Kor Char Chan Teng" to have a drink
My sis with her favorite drink
Fettening Chocolate++ with Icecream

My bro with his banana added drink
Banana is good to treat constipation :)

Walked pass a pet shop and saw a rabbit trapped in a small cage which is suppose to be an aquarium
Last year only I know porcupine will not shoot their spike out ;p

At night, went to Xuan Cafe with SM3Y gang
Zhao Jing is busy with the Jay Chou Rubik's Cube

My best friend - Kok Cian

Kok Cian + Jean Han

From L to R: Yong Kuan, Kok Cian, Jia Xian, Me and Zhao Jing

Me with pretty Jean Han

Soon Yi at last has a chance to meet the girl he admire :)
Don't know since when Soon Yi start admire her

Since Soon Yi has her with him. A group photo without him is okay with him la ;p

Tian Chad's CNY Chu Si ended here ;p


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