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Tian Chad's Chinese New Year Eve

Happy Chinese New Year Everyone! Now we all one year older again as today is 初七 @Chu Qi
The Seventh day of CNY is the birthday for everyone~

Above is my lovely cousin ;p

Chinese New Year Eve is the day for all family member gathered and eat together.
Below are dishes homemade by my grandma~

~ Toufu with Meat ~

~ Chicken w/o Skin ~
If you want to eat healthy, the food wont look so colourful =.="

~ "NO" Pork ~

New dish in this year.
~ The "Lo" Mee ~
Need to eat after it is just cooked.
If not will ruin the taste~

~ Hot Chili Prawn ~

~ Grilled Duck ~
*Purchased from stall*

Our family favourite!
~ Homemade Meat Roll with Love ~

It won't be perfect if without soup
So here it is
~ Floating Fishball Soup ~

Oh ya, almost forgot the dessert!
~ Agar agar ~ !


After finished the food, parents start to give Ang Pow @ 压岁钱
It is hot inside the house
So I went out to see how is my house's garden doing
And this flower scent make me feel good!
Wonder what is the name.
Is it used for praying too?

After that day I was 1 kg heavier...

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