Renderuous Steak Garden @ 相见欢西餐

I need to go back Puchong on the day after Valentine's Day
So reluctant to do so...

I took the Melaka-KL bus and go back together with Jia Ling
Basically we were both tired and sleep all the way on the journey

After arrived Pudu I took STAR to Station Taman Cahaya
To get my car back which has been abandoned at Jean Han's aunt house for few dayS ;p

Luckily I still remember where i put my car and I called Jean Han where can we meet to do COD for my BIOMEDICS 55

It is actually a box of tinted contact lenses :)
Which provides UV blocking!!
(*Important for contact lens user!*)

At last I managed to contact with Guo Jian as Jean Han was busy. (ops)
I went to Jusco to meet him and we "lepak" at Starbuck for a long time
Talking about what I am doing and what he is planning to do
Thanks for the Starbuck treat :)

Later on, we go to find Jean Han as it was almost her time to punch the card.
I somehow become the "bulb" and went to
Renderuous Steak Garden @ 相见欢西餐

This is a place where you can dedicate song to your friends (Like cafe)
Got steak for you to eat (Western Food)
+ The ambient there is very suitable for couples to strengten their relationship
(Probably without a bulb is the best ;p)

The only bad thing is their service.
We were waiting too long for their foods actually.

Luckily we ordered appetizer which came first before the Main Course being served
This would be the "Chessy Crab"
Too chessy until I wanna finish up the crab shell...Too hungry that time...
While we are waiting, we cam-whored
This is how we spend our time while waiting for food
Would you do so if you have a camera with you??

Again, puzzle picture is provided instead of a long long post :)
(Please click for larger picture ;p )

I still remember my Student ID in Pay Fong High school (PFHS)
It might be a bad number for you but a memorable number for me
I have many 74 marks n my various test paper ;p

What was your lucky number??


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