Tian Chad's CNY Chu Shi Yi "初十一" @ Rest. Shabu Shabu 强强滚

I gotta finish up my CNY post A.S.A.P.
If not I would only able to blog about things that happen today after two months or more!!
Even smashpOp have a lot of posts due until May ~ ;p

Kay kay, let's talk about Chu Shi Yi :)
After work I went to Restaurant Shabu Shabu @
It is time to meet my fellow UTAR Buddies :)

Long time ago was Rm 25 for buffet/person , but now become Rm 26.50 ~

What is so unique about Shabu Shabu?
You will have your own bowl and don't need to "eat" saliva among your friends.
And a few buttons beside the table for you to control the fire.

Actually I don't care about sharing the same pot as I already used to eat
the Satay Celup @ Melaka
(Don't even know how many people's saliva already inside the bowl)

P.S.: Please make sure you have been Hepatitis A/B/C vaccinated before sharing foods with your friends.
I still wonder what should I do with the "sauce" provided with the chili
Should/shouldn't I pour it into the soup?
As in the end I didn't touched it at all...
Anyone know?

Once the bowl with soup was provided
Hui San start to grab food for we both~! We are very hungry :)

This is Hui San
My sweet "Ah Ma" ;p

And...I have mistaken this pork slices as beef slices...@.@
You can eat these during the buffet as it is unlimited ~

Shabu Shabu also has a moving tray like what we had in a Sushi Shop
They even categorize the food using different labeled wood cube
So you will know what you are eating actually :)

Stomach full!! It's time to cam whore for others!!

At last we had a UTAR Group 1 photo ;p
It would be great if other members is around here ~

Night still young, so we went to Hui San's house (Again for me)
Here comes sweetly Pick San ~
Prepared to gamble during CNY!

And this is our handsome Chun Jin!! The dealer who won all Hui San's money ;p

I did gamble too, and first time win some money
Total RM 2 only la ...^@^"

It is good to able to have fun with your friends right?
Yeap, it is right for me :)

We ended the event as the clock strike 12 AM
Unluckily I still need to work the next day and I am already tired (Can see from the pict...)
If not we gamble until morning also can!!

Before I end, I got an IQ question for you.
When it is raining, Is there any difference if you run/ walk from Place A to B
Would you not get wet easily when you run?
It always stuck in my mind ~


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