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I’m Going Kame Hame Ha with Dragonball Evolution

Since creativity is required in this contest
I have took a long time to think out something

Few days ago when i am back from work
I saw my dear "little bro" wearing Dragonball's T-Shirt
*Bulb Lights Up*
He would be the poser instead of me ;p
Luckily he was in the mood to pose!
I pleased him to do a lot different poses to help me capture the best pose
Finally... here it is!!

A photo of 2009's Goku doing the "Kame Hame Ha!"
(Photo edited by Kwok Yeow, thanks! )

That's all? Not yet! This is what I would like to share too :)

(Press "Full Screen" for better resolution)

Somebody said it looks like Naruto's "Rasengan".
This is Dragonball Evolution what! ;p

Hope I can at least win a prize to pay him back :)

The Most Impressive Kame Hame Ha, The Funniest Kame Hame Ha or The Most Natural Kame Hame Ha ?

I found this post is interesting for me :)
Jing Jing's Kame Hame Ha!
Between, she is a big "Prizes Magnet" !

So, do you want to Kame Hame Ha with Dragonball Evolution too?
Visit the below link! :)

~ Let's Try Try Try - Let's Fly Fly Fly! ~

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