31 July 2011

BlackBerry Playbook Review @ Exclusive Maxis Workshop

On 16th of July 2011, 40 Nuffnang bloggers were invited by Maxis to join this exclusive BlackBerry Playbook Workshop in KLCC. It was on the same day where you can get your brand new BlackBerry Playbook Tablet at the registration counter in KLCC too. All you need is to be the first 600 Maxis customers that owns the BlackBerry Playbook to enjoy free limited edition BlackBerry Playbook Accessory Kit worth RM288 and free Maxis Wifi services!

All the bloggers invited are BB users and it is good to see the BB family were all here to explore BlackBerry Playbook tablet together.

There were more than 10 BlackBerry Playbook ready for us to have the first hand experience. Don't you feel like want to bring it back?

Me, Daphne and Jackie is sharing the same BlackBerry Playbook =) Visit their blog for the review~!

Features of BlackBerry Playbook Tablet:
  • 7″ 1024×600 WSVGA capacitive LCD touch screen
  • Ultra-portable at less than a pound and less than one-half inch thick: 0.9 lbs (425g) and 5.1” x 7.6” x 0.4” (130mm x 194mm x 10mm)
  • 1 GHz dual-core processor
  • BlackBerry® Tablet OS with support for symmetric multiprocessing
  • MP3, AAC and WMA audio playback
  • Support for high resolution video playback (H.264, MPEG4, WMV) 1080p HDMI output
  • Dual 1080p HD cameras for video conferencing and video capture (3MP front and 5MP rear)
  • 1 GB RAM memory
  • Up to 64 GB internal storage (16, 32 and 64 GB models)
  • GPS, Orientation Sensor (Accelerometer), 6-Axis Motion Sensor (Gyroscope), Digital Compass (Magnetometer)
  • Stereo speakers and stereo microphones
  • Wi-Fi® (802.11 a/b/g/n) connectivity
  • Bluetooth® 2.1+EDR support

Mevin from Maxis did the opening speech and welcomed us bloggers as he is glad to have us all BlackBerry Users to explore RIM's new awesome gadget.

Eric from Maxis told us and showed us the features of BlackBerry Playbook. Besides its large screen but small enough to keep in your pocket, one of the reason I like BlackBerry Playbook is because of its True Multitasking function! It is really good to have all your opened application still running at the background while you are switching between them. All thanks to its fast 1GHZ dual-core processor =)

We tried to open as much applications as possible and guess what? We manage to open up to 20++ applications. All thanks to Jackie Loi's suggestion haha! Although the applications manage to slow down the Playbook, it is good that the application are still running well without any of it getting crashed. I can play Need For Speed on the Playbook, pause and check my email, play the music at the background and continue to play my game. Everything can run concurrently!

Besides the True Multitasking function, the second thing I like would be the BlackBerry Bridge feature. BlackBerry is known best for businesses especially on their secure connection and data encryption (e.g. BBM that no one can see what's your conversation through hacking), but people like me always hope that BlackBerry can have a larger screen for better browsing experience and gaming too. That is why BlackBerry Bridge was born.

Now not only you don't need to strain your eyes reading your email message, but you can also watch video in HD and high resolution pictures too. The screen looked really clear for me =)

Internet Tethering is also available with BlackBerry Playbook. Therefore you don't need to worry about plugging the Playbook with an external USB Modem just to surf the net. You can also share your internet with your friends with this function too! Sharing is caring.

It is good that BlackBerry Playbook support HTML 5. It can play Adobe Flash and Javascript without fail. Just that sometimes I wonder why it cannot enlarge certain websites by using two finger pinching, which makes it a bit hard for big-thumbed people to click on the correct navigation button.

Sound Experience: Well there are two stereo speakers in front of the Playbook and it is always better than just one. In case one was covered you still can hear the voice from the other side right? It is nice to use it to watch Youtube Video and I can enjoy SNSD/2NE1 HD Music Video with good hearing experience together.

Camera/Video Experience: The 5MP camera is able to record clear 1080p HD video especially during the day time. Played video on the playbook and the images were crystal clear! Good to know that it also supports 1080p HDMI output.

However, something that I noticed is that you can't directly play Youtube video on the website, you will be redirected to use the built-in YouTube application. Maybe my Playbook have this bug?

As usual, the photo captured at low light condition and without a LED flash light have lots of noise. It is good enough to take photos and videos during daytime but it might not be suitable for night photography.

HuiMing from Maxis also show us exclusively designed apps by Maxis. They are all free to be downloaded to enhance your Playbook tablet experience. All the 6 Maxis applications are:
  • Finder301: Location-based app that provide information on food, restaurants, banks and more around you.
  • Formula 1:You can get detailed information for all the races with exclusive live commentary, top stories, results and many more.
  • Maxis Movies: No more queues to buy movie tickets. You can just book your tickets right away with any GSC/TGV Cinemas!
  • Currency Converter: To keep track on the latest currency rate straight from Playbook Tablet.
  • Language Translator: A handy app that translates more than 70 languages into your preferred language with just a few taps
  • Maxis Wifi: The most important part for the Playbook and people who own a Playbook Tablet. Subscribe to a Maxis WiFi account and take advantages of Maxis WiFi hotspots for all your Inter needs. This app allows you to locate the nearest Maxis Wifi point.

I find the Maxis Wifi Apps is prerequisite if you are always mobile and need the internet for internet surfing or Social using Facebook, Twitter +++. I will need the helpful Language Translator and Currency Converter when I am traveling to other country too! E.g. Korea/Japan [Wanna sponsor me to go?]

Good to know that BlackBerry Playbook Tablet is equipped with powerful hardware that can play high spec requirement 3D games like Need For Speed.

Here's the demo of NFS on BlackBerry Playbook
You can also see the True Multitasking feature through this video too!

During the workshop, Maxis crew did some Q&A and the fastest blogger who has the right answer will win an electrical device that is worth RM200++.

Jabra Wireless Bluetooth Headset that is worth up to RM200 and can be paired with your BlackBerry Playbook too. I also want!!

They were also having some gaming tournament among the bloggers and the winner will able to get the bluetooth headset too. So many RM200 to be given out!

So I tried my best to win the game and here's a sneak peak of the NFS on the Playbook =)

See my nervous + happy face when playing NeedForSpeed

Why so serious? Haha

In the end, we were all beaten by the Drift King! Congratz on the winning anyway!! =)
If only I was 4 seconds faster~

Second game that we were competing was the Tetris on Playbook tablet!

Other bloggers who were going for the second round tournament on Tetris. I'm in again~!
No I am not a gaming freak just that I like to play Tetris since young? Haha

Unfortunately I can't beat this game master's high score and Chearmster won~! Gotta learn from the expert instead of feeling jealous right? Congratz!!

Stephanie did a closing for the Maxis workshop and I do appreciate and wanna thanks Maxis for everything especially the opportunity to play with BB Playbook for all day long.

Last but not least, a group photos of all the bloggers who attended the BlackBerry Playbook Workshop that day!! You can read their blogs for the Playbook Review too.

Why do I want a BB Playbook? It is like why you want an iPad after you have iPod Touch. They belongs to one same family! I am one of them that would like to keep a series of gadget of same family and I will start with BlackBerry~! Everyone want a reliable gadget to accompany their life. So do I!

Overall I think that BlackBerry Playbook is very reliable for web-browsing and gaming experience =) It is small enough to bring around and put along with my camera bag. I can read other people's blog by using it at anywhere because wifi is available. When I am bored, I can play some 3D games and not to forget showing photos taken from my DLSR with this larger screen gadget. Ah~ I can't wait to have it!

Maxis is the first in Malaysia to launch BlackBerry Playbook tablet and now you can get one BB Playbook tablet from as low as RM990 when you top-up the following data plan to your existing BlackBerry Internet Service Plan.

You can also pair up with selected BlackBerry Devices to get an additional RM100 off!

The BlackBerry PlayBook is already available at all Maxis Centres and Maxis Exclusive Partners nationwide from 17 July 2011. For more info, visit Maxis BlackBerry Playbook Page.

PS: 0% Interest Easy Payment Plan provided by Maxis too =D

Here's the video recorded and compiled by NigelSia Visual Storytelling. Highly suggest you to watch it because you can see ME bloggers on the action playing with the BlackBerry Playbook tablet~

XinXian's BlackBerry Bold is same color with me that day. The Bumblebee color!
Somehow reminded me of the parady song haha
"Go TIGER! Hitam Kuning, Hitam Kuning"

Hmm... If only her BB can transform and become my Playbook Tablet... *Dreaming*

All right, it is time for me to get a buddy for my BlackBerry Bold. It will be none other than a BlackBerry Playbook where they can form a bridge and always have secure connection!

Been trying hard to learn this new magic and finally I manage to make my BlackBerry float. You can do a magic for me too! Press the Facebook "Like" button below & Tweet Share because I might able to make a BlackBerry Playbook appear too!!

Thanks for reading my review of BlackBerry Playbook Tablet!
*fingers crossed*

You can read other review of BB playbook at HERE too!

PS: Thanks Jackie Loi & JessYing helping me took my photos!

Blythe Doll @ 旭茉 Jessica Magazine

Was at the party of 旭茉 Jessica Magazine helping out Nigel Sia doing videography. If you are looking for wedding/event videographer, find Nigel Sia ! Check out his works there!

This is the Blythe Doll that was designed and dressed by Villiam Ooi
The combination of traditional fashion and inspiration through Jessica Magazine

Yise Loo 羅憶詩 was being interviewed as part of the event video.
Do you feel that she a bit looks like a doll?

Let see if I have time to process some random taken photos~

PS: This is a short post for Saturday as more efforts was put into the next upcoming post. Stay tuned!

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27 July 2011

Uni G1 Gathering @ Papparich, The Garden

It's been so long that uni mates didn't come out and gather around just to chit-chat or crapping++. All thanks to Chin Yik who was in KL and made this mini gathering a success =D

Here's Chin Yik =)
Hope he will be coming up with an environment friendly project soon!

And everyone else who attend~! Kesian Ah Kuek didn't manage to come

ChunJin and BIG-EYE SuLin

However, SuLin will always be defeated by the flash light and become SMALL EYE SuLin lol
LooKim & RouZhing in the pict~

Playing with the flashgun while they busy chatting

It is good that you let your friend play with your camera as they also capable of taking nice photos. This is HuiSan picture taken by ChunJin.

Ah, SuLin eye is back to normal BIG size whenever without flash

Here's the only picture of me with messy hair and Wern

Last but not least a group photo of the UTAR G1 uni-mates!

This time there are two friends announcing their upcoming marriage. Next time I wonder if they will bring along their children or not haha!

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26 July 2011

Get FREE Tickets to XPLAY 2011 Now! Let's Rock!

HOLA! XPLAY is back for another year and it promises to bring the hottest and liveliest events that will rock your world. From local to international acts, you’ll get nothing but the best performers to entertain and bring your nights to life!

XPLAY Party coming up @ Opera Sunway Pyramid
Date : 30 July 2011
Time : 7pm till late night

Last year, the Xpax party series featured famous DJs that battled on the turn table to find out who can groove you the hardest. The parties all around the country saw awesome performers such as Mizz Nina, DJ Monkey, DJ Fuzz, Lap Sap and more!

Here's performance of Mizz Nina's What You Waiting For last year
Do you know that Mizz Nina is married to Noh from Hujan band? Read here ;p

This year, the XPLAY parties will be even more massive. Featuring the coolest DJs and hottest BANDS, your partying experience will be taken to a new level. Both popular and undiscovered bands will rock the stage and will get your head banging. You’ll also be partying to the tunes of international, regional and local DJs spinning and mixing the freshest sounds – to get you dancing the night away.

So, surely you won’t want to miss the best events of the year. Mark your calendars! The first of a series of the most happening events is coming your way this July!

This year XPLAY 2011 featuring :
Funky Kopral (Indonesia) - One of the hottest, chart-topping bands from Indonesia currently and is now a popular band amongst youth that won many awards in 2011

Estranged - Local band that have performed in various events in Malaysia as well as regionally and have won prestigious local awards

Project Pistol - Consists of respected local musicians including Edrie Hashim. Project Pistol has the reputation of being able to perform any song! That's cool!

Wicked Aura (Singapore) - An international band with 12 members and this is gonna be their first time performed live in KL and their fans will be hungry to finally catch them here!

Do note that Matt Alfords & MC Vibe will also be rockin’ the party! That night will also be the night of UOX Battle ’11 Finale – the top 5 bands rock it out for the grand prize of cash + a recording contract!

I Wanna Go XPLAY ! How do I get PASSES?
The best thing about these awesome events – entrance is absolutely FREE! All you have to do is go to the XPAX FB Page, “Like” the page, and register your details to get FREE passes!


Reload RM50 to get 2 VIP passes (to redeem free flow drinks during the event). You’ll also be in the running to win a VIP table for you + 5 friends! (Valid from 22-28 July 2011)

Just follow these simple steps:
  • Send XPLAY to 28881
  • You will get a Successful Registration SMS. After that, reload min RM50 to get your mobile voucher within 24hours after reloading
  • Flash the mobile voucher at XPLAY entrance on the event day to redeem 2 VIP passes (while stocks last, first come first serve)
If you are Kolony members, be the 1st 100 members at the door to receive a FREE drink voucher for the event! You can also stand a chance to win a Blackberry Curve 8520 smartphone! To join KOLONY. Malaysia’s largest mobile social network now, send KOLONY to 25333.

Mark your calendars! The first of a series of the most happening events is coming your way this July! I've missed it last year but I won't miss it again this time. See you there!!

If you want more details, check out!

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25 July 2011

Top 10 Jessi J Price Tag Cover on Youtube

"It's all about the Money Money Money~" Jessie J's Price Tag is quite catchy and now is the time to reveal Top 10 Best Music Cover on Youtube. You can read about Top 10 Katy perry's Teenage Dream music cover too!

Top 10 Jessi J Price Tag Music CoverLink
Every artist featured here has their unique voice and especially their own styles in presenting the song. Some even amend the melody, music instruments and lyrics to fit their characters. Will you tell me which one is your favourite?

#1 Maddi Jane - A young girl with good production team that featuring her and her voice. This video already reach 22 millions view on Youtube and still increasing =)

#2 KarminMusic - I like her voice and this time trombone was used as one of the music instrument. Nice combination I would say =) They are invited to perform live in Ellen Show too.

#3 Jayesslee - The cute + pretty twin sisters that always do good music cover together. When they sing together it sounds really harmonic =)

#4 Tyler Ward ft. Eppic -Talking about creativity Tyler Ward always present different style of video through his music. You will able to see Tyler and Eppic interchange so fast with their instrument and outfit. Nice one!

#5 CIMORELLI - The A Capella female group that I just stumble upon because of this song. Quite harmony when they sing and watching till the end of the video i can imagine they always have fight haha

#6 Maria Aragon - A talented and lucky girl who was somehow spotted by Lady Gaga because of covering her 'Born this Way' and was invited to perform on her concert. Nice voice and remember to stay humble!

#7 ConorMaynard - Most of his video are shoot in black and white, which make him look emo but people will focus more on his voice instead. Hope to see his music cover in color sometimes!

#8 Megan Nicole ft. Alyssa Bernal - The video looks like shot in a hotel and yet another girl that can sing and not shy in front of camera.

#9 Christina Grimmie - Avril Lavigne style and watch more of her video if you like her voice

#10 Auf Deutsch - All right I don't understand German but it is a good efforts that they translate the lyric and made another video just for this cover. Highly recommend you to watch this =)

Here's an advice to all the YouTube Music artist wanna-be: If you want to be stumble uponed by Youtubers like me remember to do some famous artist's music cover because this will helps you gain new fans and supports from people around the world, or even the artist himself!

If there is a singer that you like here, visit their Youtube Channel, subscribe and like their Facebook page for latest music. Do support them on iTunes too if you are capable of =)

I guess you know who's my favourite among all 10 videos? =D

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[Photo] MTV World Stage 2011 Live @ i-City! Beast Shock!

Malaysian favourites Pop Shuvit, Korean pop sensation Beast, alternative and rock Billboard chart-toppers Neon Trees and platinum-recording artists and multiple MTV award-winning Thirty Seconds To Mars headlined MTV World Stage Live in Malaysia 2011 tonight, entertaining an audience of over 15,000 fans at i-city in Shah Alam.

A two-hour version of MTV World Stage Live In Malaysia 2011, the first ever to be shot in 3D in Asia, will premiere on Monday, 8 August at midnight (Malaysia Time) exclusively on MTV SEA (Astro Channel 713) and a one-hour version of MTV World Stage Live in Malaysia 2011 will be broadcast worldwide on MTV channels to over a half-billion households in over 150 countries later in the year.

After MTV VJs Utt and Holly welcomed the thousands of live music fans, local chart toppers Pop Shuvit took the stage and officially kicked off MTV’s highly anticipated annual concert event with their hit “Ol Skool Rocka.”

Flanked by five massive LED screens, Pop Shuvit showed the crowd why they are one of Malaysia most enduring hip hop/hop rock bands by sending a ‘konichwa’ to their fans here and in Japan with “Oh! Sizuka,” and then performing “Running Away,” a song from the new album Cherry Blossom Love Affair. Malaysian legend Man Bai then joined Pop Shuvit on stage for the first-ever live performance of “Seperti Syurgamu,” and to wrap up their set, artists including

Daly from Singapore Malay hip hop group Ahli Fiqir, Thailand’s Daniel Tanapon Supwattana and the Philippine’s Jamir from Slapshock came on stage as the band wrapped up with lead singer Moots! stage diving into the mosh pit.

K-pop fans attended MTV World Stage Live in Malaysia in huge numbers again this year and made their presence known when Beast (Boys of East Standing Tall) took the stage. Dressed in all white, Beast opened their set with “Shock” then went straight into their hits “Fiction” and “When It Rains.”

BEAST - Shock @ MTV World Stage Malaysia 2011 [FANCAM]

After a brief video interlude and costume change, Yoon Du Jun, Jang Hyun Seung, Yong Jun Hyung, Yang Yo Seob, Lee Gi Kwang and Son Dong Woon. returned to the stage for performances of “Special,” “Breath” and, to conclude their set, their massive hit single “Beautiful,” throwing flowers to their female fans during their performance.

American alternative rock band Neon Trees made their live stage debut in Malaysia memorable with lead singer Tyler Glenn going through the crowd of 15,000 to take the stage for their performance of “Your Surrender,” their Billboard pop, rock and alternative charting hit the album, Habits.

Live performances of other songs from the album included “In The Next Room,” “1983,” “Love and Affection,” and “Sins of My Youth.” Neon Trees concluded their set with their #1 single, “Animal,” an obvious favourite amongst the Malaysian fans based upon their reaction and singing of the song’s chorus.

Thirty Seconds to Mars took the stage next, and the anticipation that had been building all night came to a climax as the massive crowd erupted in cheers. The band lead off their set with “Escape,” the lead track on This Is War, the smash-hit studio album from the multi-platinum and multiple MTV award winners.

“A Beautiful Lie,” “Attack,” “Search and Destroy,” and the #1 single “This Is War” provided non-stop hits, and the crowd heaved with excitement as Jared Leto, Shannon Leto, lead guitarist Tomo Milicevic and the band performed “Vox Populi,” an acoustic version of their hit “The Kill,” “Hurricane” and “Closer to the Edge.”

For their encore, the band played “Kings and Queens” and frontman Jared Leto invited dozens fans on the stage to wrap up an amazing night of live music.

“For the third year, Malaysia has been the perfect host and the fans have made our third MTV World Stage a resounding success,” said Indra Suharjono, Viacom International Media Networks executive vice-president and managing director of North and Southeast Asia. “Everyone seemed to have a fantastic time, and I’d like to express my thanks and gratitude to all of the performers, our sponsors and media partners, and especially the fans for making MTV World Satage Live in Malaysia 2011 a truly unforgettable event.”

The event is supported by official broadcast partner, Astro and official media partners, ERA fm,, hot, MiNT and Time Out KL.

[Mini story]
This time was given Media Pass for MTV World Stage 2011. Feel gratitude for it as it is a good pass for re-entry. Too bad I can't bring DSLR along or else there will be lots more photo to share haha.

There were MTV Crews giving out mini LED Lights with magnet on it. Therefore you can wear it as sparkling earring like Wern =) Something new to me haha

After MTV World Stage concert ended me and Wern head to iWalk for the Post Party
Thanks the PR for the passes!

Was quite hungry after the concert, thanks a lot for the food and drinks provided!
Strong wind blowing after the concert and I wonder if they hired Bomoh Hujan to have a clear night without rain but valid only until 11PM haha.

Saw PPC and her brother =)

Nice to see Prakaash and Jessica again! Wonder where was Angeline that time haha

Last but not least a picture of me and Wern! She was feeling cold, that's why~

For more information about MTV WORLD STAGE LIVE IN MALAYSIA

PS: All above pictures credits to the official photographer of MTV World Stage 2011 from Alec Wong/PictureGroup. I like these photos! Hope you like them too =D

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Danlel Wellington Watch Promotion

15% off on Daniel Wellington Watch