31 October 2011

Samsung Galaxy S II Crash Proof + 'Siri' + Smooth 3D Features

Samsung Galaxy S II has been one of the successful smartphone with large and clear AMOLED screen that you will definitely love it =) I managed to play with it 1 week before it was released to the market in Malaysia and gonna say it is working fast and smoothly the moment you start touching it. But people like me do worry if I accidentally dropped my gorgeous Samsung Galaxy S II with screen facing down the ground, will the screen become scattered like the glass on iPhone 4? Check out the video below:

Crash test iPhone 4S vs Samsung Galaxy S II
It definitely convince me that I should get one Samsung Galaxy S II and I won't be worried to have my clumsy cute cousin [who always drop my stuff] playing with it.

iPhone4 has Siri but Android phone like Samsung Galaxy S2 can have Iris! This video below prove that you can own a better phone with voice control too =) Imagine you have both iPhone4 and Samsung Galaxy S2 accidentally drop to the ground facing down, you might have higher chance of having Samsung Galaxy S II survived from the crash with working screen while iPhone 4 ...


I heard Japanese had problem using Siri on iPhone4, but how bout using Iris on a smart Android phone like Samsung Galaxy S II?

Next up, my purpose of having a smartphone is to do live Tweet and Facebook Updates, blogging/Tumbler and of course spend my time playing awesome 3D games on a large and vivid screen mobile phone! Have you ever feel like straining your eyes playing games on iPhone 4? If you are a hardcore gamer, I am sure you know what I mean.

Samsung Galaxy S2 Gaming - Shrek Kart

This video above is a demonstration of playing Shrek Kart, a 3D game that work smoothly on a dual-core smartphone like Samsung Galaxy SII. Watching this video I noticed there wasn't any lagging scene! That means I am gonna try out playing Zenonia 3 on this smaller gadget compared to Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1.

Even a close friend of mine who is also a blogger like his Samsung Galaxy SII very much!

Guess who is this mysterious blogger? Clue is inside this video! Nyahaha~

It is time to unleash your finger with a better touch screen & super smartphone like Samsung Galaxy S II! =)

So, how would you use your Samsung Galaxy S II to suit your modern life? Show your love at this site & !

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Gorgeous Couple @ Astro B.yond IPTV Hollywood & Celebrities Party

This weekend I went to Astro B.yond IPTV Hollywood & Celebrities Party which was fun to see people who dressed up well to win 32" LCD TV =D

This post gonna feature a few couple photos first and gonna share more photos story about this party later =) Enjoy!

Audrey @ Fourfeetnine with her pretty partner
Featured because nice+ cute+gorgeous outfit ;p

Saiful and Ruby!
Long time no see blogger buddies

BlackSwan @ KimberlyCun and Gwailou @ ShaolinTiger
A swan and a tiger. It's animal world haha

Marilyn Manson @ KYSpeak and his gf Hazelong
Haze draw the tattoo for KY and I like the little bottle she's holding. It add marks to her outfit =)

Captain America @ TehTarikMemoirs and sweet partner Peggy Carter @ Miss Ave
Perfect matching outfit for sure =)

X-Men couple Storm and Wolverine yo~! [Michelle with Nicholas]
Wolverine somehow looks like Dennis Lau the violinist haha

Last but not least, the 'SMURF' couple! Me and Wern =D
We just had a super blue couple outfit and Jess Lee gave us the smurf name

Sorry to disappoint some friends. Next time I will try to dress up according to the theme kay? Huhu~

PS: Provided when suitable couple costume are available

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29 October 2011

Media Prima Nite Live @ KLCC [Sneak Peek]

Attended Media Prima Nite Live 2011 Screening @ KLCC and it is a grand event co-organize together with TV3, NTV7, 8TV, and TV9 channels. Well before that met HongKong TVB Kenneth Ma and Joyce Tang in a press conference and almost missed it because lacking of parking at KLCC. Nevertheless I was blessed to find a RM5 open air carpark and didn't rain when I go and get my car.

So back to Media Prima Nite Live 2011. Saw some local artists and celebrities attended this event screening and below are just some of the photos for sneak peek.

Local Chinese Artist: Lawrence 王冠逸, Gary Yap 叶俊岑,Rickman Chia & Wind 李诗斌

Hottest guy: Henry Golding and Hansen Lee
The yellow stick in Hansen lee mouth is actually a lollipop ar

Ahmad Izham Omar was funny and cheerful during emcee the show
Always say no budget and that recycle last year joke is free
"Why? Cannot" haha

There was a Twitter contest where you can win 42" LCD TV and also iPad 2. They are all good prizes but I wonder why the prize redemption only last till 7.30pm =.=" I hope I am still eligible to win the iPad 2 because I only noticed I am the winner on twitter after I restarted my hanged BlackBerry. *finger crossed*

Aaron Aziz and _______? Fill in the blank by comments below!

Elecoldxhot, Showdown 2011 Winner performed on stage of Media Prima Nite Live
Can see got new choreography although using same music

Elecoldxhot Seducing Dance @ Media Prima Nite Live

Awesome media Prima Nite Live post party @ KLCC Grand Ballroom
Nice food and many booth from different channels where you can take photos of the artist and yourself too. There was a special band performance by the VIP too. The giving-bra-moment is unforgettable. Gonna share more about this later.

Clear night view of KLCC after rain!

All right, for more hot content about Media Prima Nite Live 2011. You must stay tune at this site okay? Yeah the content will be as hot as them =)

XPLAY @ Kuching coming up at Paragon Club 19th Nov

Meow! To people in Kuching, XPLAY is going to be at Paragon Club this 19th November 2011. Get your snazziest outfits ready and prepare to look your best! The event will feature DJ MALIKA, the smokin’ hot DJ from Russia, plus top as well as up-and-coming local DJs, DJ Jee Hoe, and Twilight Actiongirls a.ka. TAG (DJ Xu & DJ Bunga) .

"One of the best DJs in Russia that has been in the DJ-ing circuit and has played all over Russia at the best parties. DJ Malika is one of the few DJs that has been invited to spin at various countries including Vietnam, Thailand, Egypt, Turkey, Cyprus, France, Italy, Serbia, Bulgaria, Finland, Latvia, Ukraine and many more. She does has high sense of musicality as she is a trained pianist."

Guess what? Big and rising names in the local DJ fraternity will be there to mix things up too!

DJ Jee Hoe

"A KL-native who’s putting House, Disco and Electro music at the forefront of the local clubbing scene. DJ Jee Hoe can serve up an eclectic and unique blend of mashed up tunes that consist of anything from ground-shaking beats to soulful rhythms. Although he is relatively new to the scene, his novelty factor, coupled with a blend of industriousness and diligence, has already earned him a lot of street credibility. DJ Jee Hoe regularly plays in Singapore and Malaysia, and is also the resident DJ for HOUSE THIS?! in Barsonic. He has become a well-known face in local party scene that always bring the house down."

Twilight Actiongirls a.k.a TAG (DJ Xu & DJ Bunga)

"DJ Xu and DJ Bunga are part of of the group of DJs that brings the weekly indie night Twilight Actiongirl. The Twilight Actiongirl gang brings their own unique flavor to the rogue indie culture, hosting many parties and packing out odd venues – building a name from the underground up. They have a broad music policy which covers everything from electro-punk-rock & roll-disco, indie guitar, Britpop to garage rock to ska to classic soul to leftfield electro and all points in-between.

Besides that , Twilight Actiongirl won Best New Local Night in local club entertainment JUICE in 2004 and again took the honours for Best Local Club Night and Most Up For It Crowd in JUICE for 2005."

For Kuchingnites, if you don't want to miss this party, head down to Xpax Facebook Page and Xplay DJ site to grab your FREE Passes now! Do note that the passes is on first come first served basis yo!

PS: You may need to disable your Facebook Secure Browsing first to able to access XPlay FB Aps. Enjoy the party!

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27 October 2011

The Most Adorable Husky - Maxx

Woohoo! Happy Deepavali to everyone who is celebrating it and people who had a day off from work. If you were working on a public holiday, look at the brightside! Because 2 more day it is TGIF (again). I hope you guys are pumped up to strive harder today =)

Well, I was slacking throughout the day doing nothing much for my work. Woke up around 9am++ and went to have dim sum as brunch. It was interesting to see people selling balloons just opposite the road . The red Angry Bird manage to grab my attention the most. Hmm... Maybe I should grab some for my next photoshoot. Wanna be my featured couple in the photoshoot?

After brunch, went to Hometown Cafe to have another drink because the dim sum restaurant was too hot with the steam around us. Ends up I had another bowl of desserts, which wasn't taste so good. That's how my time passed quickly and I went back home to process some photos of the events that I have attended. Noticed I really have tons of topic to blog about nowadays (Last time I was thinking of how to get more blogging materials to share)...Gonna share photos captured at Urbanscapes 2011 and Life Inspired event where I met the four gorgeous faces of Li. I've noticed I like to attend lifestyle events and traveling to open my mind =)

Later then the sky start raining and my plan to swim has to be cancelled... But look at the brightside I can play Maple on Facebook for a longer period of time (which I am currently addicted with...hahaha). Bought some breads and went to find girlfriend. Love my life~ At night we had homemade Tom Yam Steamboat together. Quite nice! =)

After dinner we then went to another friend house to feed the most adorable Husky I ever met. He is really tame and not fierce at all. Followed Jian who brought him out for a walk and snapped tons of photos of them. Between, his name is Maxx:

The handsome and most adorable Husky - Maxx
After feeding and playing with it. It's time for a supper to feed my getting-bigger-belly-which-I-didn't-really-noticed. Sometimes gonna take a time-out from your usual healthy diet right? Haha. Ate a lot again and hope I can pay back by exercise more. Or else I can really become the TC Boy on the tin can...

Anyway, if you are reading from the start till the end. Thanks for reading my random diary (which I hardly write). I will back to the serious blogging track again to publish all the due posts as soon as possible.

Last but not least, enjoy my current favourite melody from 'Pumped Up Kicks'
Back to the 80's

Didn't know the lyrics was so...but the melody is just unforgettable and makes me wanna play it over and over, and over but not forever again. Hope you like this song too!

Oh here is a question:
"What makes you read my blog? Is it because of the event that I've attended? Photos that I've shared? Giveaway/contest? Or me being random? Haha! I hope loyal readers, 'silent' readers or even strangers will say something this time. Sharing is caring right? So... start commenting below!"

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25 October 2011

Kingmax Launching New Exciting Products 2011 @ Boston Club, Solaris Mont Kiara

KINGMAX showcased its latest innovations in memory storage solutions to Malaysians @ Boston Club in September 2011. KINGMAX’s leading technologies have been introduced into its new Solid-State Disk Drive (SSD) series, KINGMAX DDR3 Overclocking DRAM Module, KINGMAX USB 3.0 Flash Drive, SDHC & SDXC high speed memory cards and mobile high speed memory products up to 64GB (SD3.0 series).

"The entire KINGMAX product range was displayed for the local media as well as resellers. For the SSD segment, KINGMAX introduced the 2.5”SATA II SSD with up to 1TB, currently the world largest capacity for SSDs and the 2.5” SATAIII SSD with capacities up to 512 GB. The 2.5” SATAIII SSD series provides extreme performance with read speeds of up to 520MB/s and write speeds of up to 270 MB/s. In addition, the company also provided live demos of its world's first heastink-less Overclocking DRAM modules, the Nano Gaming Ram. The new modules boasts top performance without high-power consumption, offering gamers a more environmentally friendly option. Last but not least, the new KINGMAX ED01 128GB (USB3.0 UFD) was also showcased, delivering an impressive performance of 130~135MB/s read speeds and 30~47MB/s write speeds." - Maxit Online

Attendees at the event were also shown the new SDXC 64 GB and microSDXC 64GB cards. These high-performance KINGMAX products offer read and write speeds of up to 60MB/s and 40 MB/s respectively. KINGMAX's microSDXC products also boast maximum compatibility with nearly all of the latest high end smart phone and tablet PCs currently available in the market.

The multilingual emcee speaking in Chinese and English holding an iPad too

Performance by the Lady Gaga team. I wish they have a more updated song list

Models showcase KINGMAX latest products in 2011
the 64GB SDXC CLass 10 and waterproof memory card

Models showcase KINGMAX latest products in 2011
USB 3.0 Pendrives

KINGMAX Micro SDHC and Micro SDXC Memory Card

KINGMAX Solid State DiskDrive (SSD) up to 1TB

I am kinda interested to have one especially in my new laptop (still looking for one) because not only it is thinner. It is also less fragile to vibration too. Hope the pricing won't be that expensive compared to last time.

More photos of the models with KINGMAX product will be uploaded to my Facebook Page~

During KINGMAX Product Launch, there are representative of KINGMAX from China giving presentation to us regarding their new products and series. It is okay if they can't speak fluent English(I am one of them). But it is a big no-no if you provided wrong information during the presentation.

For example, Nikon D7000 become Canon D7000 =.="

According to Sophia Lin, Sales Manager of KINGMAX, "The launch of the new products is timed to the increasing demand for new gadgets, especially in the local Malaysian market. In addition, we have lined up many great promotion programs to celebrate the coming festive seasons.”

Somehow I feel like I was in a computer class learning all the technology terms and definition because they were briefing so well about the difference of SDHC vs SDXC, USB 2.0 vs USB 3.0 and much much more during the product launch.

Just that we are lucky no need to copy the notes down for revision purpose haha

Another dance performance. This time it looks better

The girls were doing great

The most interesting part of the event is the giveaway of KINGMAX latest products and an iPad2. Those are attractive prizes for both media and KINGMAX Reseller. However, I wonder why people without namecard also can win in a row ~~

These are the lucky winners of KINGMAX New Products, Graphic Card and iPad2.
Congratz to them instead of being jealous ar =)
Because that's how you have a happy day

The promotion announced that day include:

Buy KINGMAX Memory Card to win Samsung Galaxy SII & iPad2 16GB*
Buy KINGMAX SSD to Get USB Desk Fan for FREE**
Buy KINGMAX Nano Gaming Ram to Get USB Hub for FREE**

For more details, please visit


Went to a camera shop on the same day to get something. Wanna guess what was it? =)
Hint: Something round and can get better scenery photos

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24 October 2011

Exclusive Rania Kpop 'DR Feel Good' @ SuaraKami 2011 [Photos]

[All photos below were taken using Nikon AF-S VR-NIKKOR 70-200mm 1:2.8G Zoom Lens]

As promised to a reader and Rania Nation, here are more photos of Rania performing at Concert SuaraKami 2011. You can see who were the performing artists by heading to 'Konsert SuaraKami 2011 Exclusive Photos'. Tons of photos there and do comment below if you wanna see more photos of your favourite artist~

K pop fans screamed their hearts out with Semi, Riko, Jooyi, Di, Joy, T-ae and Xia, who are part of Korea’s latest sensational 7-member group, Rania. This group has been gaining much attention as their debut album was co-produced by the famous Teddy Riley, the one who’s responsible for the success of platinum-artists like Michael Jackson and Lady Gaga.

Before the show started Rania is already on stage. Waving to the fans

'Hey TianChad it is you! XD"

Ready up!! RANIA!

Watch this DR Feel Good MV first then you can recognize the dance/sexy move through the photos below

DR Feel Good opening
Where everyone lying on the floor



Sexily rising up

She has the best photography angle during that time

In my personal opinion, Rania dance super+sexily in DR Feel Good and I really mean it. Therefore it might not be suitable and rated as PG-13. I can foresee that's how the music trend going now if there isn't any control about this.

Imagine if SNSD do the same dance move. Hmm...

'Dr. Dr. feel good come make me feel real good'

'I wanna feel real good i need to feel real good'

'I wanna feel real good cuz i been really bad bad'


'I wanna feel real good cuz i been really bad bad'

Energetic and exhausting dance move through the whole song

Just a wave, not a touch



Rania sexy all the way

There they are - RANIA

They are good enough to shake hand with the audience in the Pit Zone

RANIA fans cheered the loudest in this concert! Some of them quite young too. Especially for K-Pop artist fanbase.

Featuring them in portrait mode:

My favourite 1

Favourite 2
'The dance was so tiring~ I wanna rest '

The epic audience face

Eye contact =D

Smile more!

Favourite 3!

Rania could be cute but seems like they will be always do the sexy dance move, I am categorizing them as artist that go for sexy path.

So do you like RANIA to be SEXY?

Or to be less sexy but more cute and pretty?

More photos to be uploaded to my Facebook page and Photo Blog.

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