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Justin and Jeremy's Lazy Song - Bruno Mars (Rated GP)

Have you heard about the Twin brothers Justin and Jeremy? No? I am introducing them today haha! This video was removed earlier but and it has been uploaded again after their parents did some editing. Obviously, they LOVE to be filmed by dad. What made them famous? is it because of them being adorable or talented? Watch the video yourself =)

Justin and Jeremy's version of The Lazy Song (Rated GP)
Bruno Mars
have you seen this?
One of them can't wait to take of his pant lol

You can watch Justin & Jeremy "Hey-Ya" if you like the first one =)
I like his "Oh-Oww" and his ability to shake his butt.
One is destined to be a good singer and another brother will be an awesome dancer!

Wish them all the best and hope Justin & Jeremy will be featured at other website/news~!

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