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DiGi Buka Puasa @ The Apartment KLCC with DiGi Angels

On a fine day after rain, I took the LRT to KLCC because parking at KLCC is not cheap. Noticed lots of thing has changed such as Putra LRT's lighting is better, different kind of speeding sound. However, I feel nothing has changed for STAR LRT. Went there a bit earlier for DiGi Buka Puasa session with total 50 bloggers and met some familiar faces. I would say the foods at The Apartment KLCC tasted quite good especially the seafood and freshly sliced beef. (Based on personal tastebuds ya)

"Ms. SM" did said that without taking a photo with her she won't allow me to go in. So I continue with her joke and took a photo la.

Jestina, one of the Nuffies is now looking fresh with her short hair =)

Let see what are the foods available in The Apartment, KLCC. We have tons of vege.

Lot more dishes.

Fresh fruits. It is rare to see rambutans on the fruit plates

The best desserts

Was doing some ice breaking session to know other bloggers better before the event really start. It is indeed a very important session because I see so many new faces inside =)

Here are all the DiGi Crews that buka puasa with us.

There are really tons of foods for us to eat, chew and swallow. This is the meat and seafoods section.

I like the three different sauces that can be mixed with the beef. Mushroom sauce is the best.

The only photo I took about what I ate. Yeah it looks messy =S

Here are some of the bloggers attended this DiGi Buka Puasa event =D
*Kindly mention your name and links if you saw your photo here~!*

Recognize Ruby and AnakPerak ;p
*Kindly mention your name and link if you saw your photo here~!*

It was great that we all can take away/"tabao"/"bungkus" the food after everyone finish eating and feel full. At least no need to cook tomorrow during early morning right? =D

From The Apartment Level one, there is a balcony where you can sit outside and eat. Here is the view from there. The KLCC fountain that has switch off the lights.

As a DiGi Angel, you will able to get exclusive promotion, exclusive activities and product demo. As for that night we can try out the DiGi Mifi and some of the lucky bloggers were chosen to review the new HTC phone and DiGi Mifi.

Last year DiGi and Nuffnang has lots of event and contest for the bloggers. I've joined this DiGi Pimp my Broadband contest. And won a DiGi modem with 3 months FREE Internet Access.

Was one of the participants for DiGi Pimp My Day Challenge too. I still remember I doing all the challenges when I was down with Dengue Fever. Imagine you run for a few KMs when you are sick =S

Early in February 2010, DiGi selected a few bloggers to review DiGi Smart Plan with BlackBerry Curve 8520. I was lucky to be the selected few =D

Later then, there is this DiGi Break Free Party @ Ecoba which was organized for all Nuffnangers to join. Which is where I won a BlackBerry Bold 9700 through their Post-Party Blogging contest. Ahh~~~I like to join Nuffnang contest ;p

Then recently the Hari Hari BlackBerry Mari campaign, how I wish I can win one more BlackBerry by being super-active user of DiGi Smart Plan XD

There were tons of bloggers listening to the briefing. Can you spot CleverMunkey @ Henry Lee posing to my camera? =D

That night, one out of 50 bloggers was selected to review the DiGi Mobile Wifi (Mifi), the wireless mobile router.

There he is _______________
*please fill in the blank for me?*

Besides that, there are two bloggers that was selected + by lucky draw to review the brand new HTC Aria Smartphone even before DiGi release it.

I just wish there are more HTC phones for the bloggers to review. Don't you guys agree? ;p

Here is Irene, the blogger picked through lucky draw to review the brand new HTC Aria

And another blogger named Kheirul pre-selected to review the phone. I guess he is a good gadget reviewer blogger? =)

Malaysia Top Greenies, Go Green with DiGi - The Top Greenies will have an exclusive invite to get together with a group of fun and loving Greenies to learn fun green tips, share your green ideas and be part of a Green movement to better our environment.

"That's all for today Buka Puasa's surprise. Thanks a lot for coming everyone", I think he said something like this bwahaha.

Was sitting next to Ceera and Jemah that night and there are bloggers who asked, "Are they celebrity or something? They looks very pretty ar!" I guess that's how the term "Celebrity bloggers" came up with? =D

My first met with the sisters was at National Cancer Awareness & Jamuan Teh Malaysia [Jam]. My first time touched various kind of boobs (sounds so wrong....whatever~)

Didn't take so much photos with the bloggers this time but yeah here it is, TehTarikMemoir@ Sharizal and new-face-that-I-haven't-get-his-name-yet.

Event ended with a massive group photo with so many cameras waiting for their turns. Thanks to JackieLoi for helping us to take the group photo.

Amboi ramainya bloggers di DiGi Buka Puasa Event kali ini.
*Broken Malay writing hoho*

Please leave a comment with your name and blog url if you are one of the bloggers =D

Last but not least, Selamat Hari Raya to all Muslimin and Musliman from DiGi, Nuffnang and TianChad.com~! Semoga makan banyak-banyak rendang ayam, daging, kambing +++ dan makan lagi hari esok!! =D

Hmm...I will complete this post with a camwhore+narcissist shoot of me walking through Masjid Jamek LRT Tunnel. Maaf Zahir & Batin! XD

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