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DiGi Pimped My Broadband! Yay!

Yeah! ^@^ Today received free DiGi modem pimped up with limited edition skin through DiGi Pimp my Broadband Contest~! I will able to enjoy the 3 months free wireless broadband service without any contract or obligation!!

DiGi Skin Pimped Modem for FREE~!

Congratz to other winners too especially those who won a laptop!
[I wish I can have one too =)]

Like the skin and the letter that I received as most required information are told.

What I like about this modem? It has a special slot for external antenna cable! Means no need to modify anymore to get great signals. With the Micro SD slot I can also use it like a thumb drive. I like this!

After all, thanks DiGi for organize ths contest and James from DiGi as I feel that he did well in answering every questions that I asked and the prizes was sent to us as soon as possible too!

I got something to share with you all. You can be the lucky winner of a Mini HP Notebook or get a new Windows 7 Ultimate at this website www.pimpmybroadband.com.my

Now all I have to do is to activate it at the nearest DiGi service centre =)

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