Photos: Asian Bloggers & Social Media Conference [Day 1]

Below are photos taken at Asian Bloggers & Social Media Conference [Day 1]. Due to certain circumstances and there is another day of conference tomorrow. This blog post is to share the photos of the event and you are free to use it as long got credit to this blog haha.

Day one speakers includes Mr. Beng Soo Ong, Dato' Sri Tony Fernandes, Yang Amat Berbahagia Tun Dr. Mahatir Mohamad, Rob Angeles, Ahmad Nazuwan (Beautifulnara), Joyce Wong (KinkyBlueFairy), Michael Netzley, Khailee Ng, Paul Moss, and Donna Imson.

Okay that's all for now. Stay tune on!

PS: Tomorrow they will giving out a brand new Blacberry Curve 9300 and Asia E University LCD Monitor

  1. You must be one of the participant for Asian Bloggers & Social Media Conference.
  2. Likethis three FB page: Facebook fans page, Celcom Facebook fans page and AeUniversity Facebook fans page.
  3. Winners will be announced during the conference.

Don't say I didn't share this with people who attend #asianbsmc =D Wish me luck too~!


  1. I see me. A LOT.

    I think photos of me speaking tomorrow will be weird. Two Niki's next to each other.

    Haha :) Thanks for the photos, and good seeing you today.

    See you tomorrow!

  2. [Nikicheong]
    Haha!! Tomorrow will shoot more photos of real Niki then =)See you tmr~! I better go sleep now before new comments coming in~! *run*

  3. wow.. the event attracted big names.. impressive :)

    nice blog


  4. [Leon Koh]
    Hi there =) thanks for dropping by~!
    It does attract big names =)

  5. i wanted to go -_-" ah well....perhaps u could share what u learnt there? ^^

  6. [Glow]
    Haha surely I will share about the event :) thanks for the comment and visit

  7. oh i see me in the second last phot with you, khailee and me...hahaha... nice blog dude! ;)

  8. Saw you yesterday afternoon,looks very busy..macam papparazi pun ada..ahaks..ahaks..Its a great opportunity actually because from this conference you can learn lots of thing..don't forget to share it with others

  9. Given the chance I would like to be present to this event. However hearing from sources I'm not happy w/ some of Mahathir's remarks like blaming everything on pornography for causes of paedophilia.

  10. [Joe Fendy]
    Hi! nice meeting you =) Thanks for the opinion and please do come again~!

    Haha super papparazi when i try to get nice photo ;p But no matter how busy I am must come say hi ma, at least can camwhore with you haha!

    Will surely share about what I absorbed through the conference. Too bad I can't absorb all. Hehe

    No worries, I believe #asianbsmc website will share the speakers' slides/ video on it. As for Mr. M's remarks, I believe he is just speaking out of his opinion. Maybe that's how he create a topic for discussion =)

  11. Hey bro, cool photos. Was great meeting you at the event. Catch up soon.

  12. [Thristhan]
    Hi there =) Nice to meet you too! See you in next event =D

  13. Hey bro, cool photos. Was great meeting you at the event. Catch up soon.

  14. oh i see me in the second last phot with you, khailee and me...hahaha... nice blog dude! ;)


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