LG Cookie Monster Party !! [Sneak Peek]

LG Cookie Monster Party has successfully called to an end and I am sure most of the monsters are happy with the LG phones ans freebies that they have won. I wish I can be the lucky one to win LG New Cookie Phones and LG Digital Photo Frame too~! *envy*

One of Malaysia famous bloggers KennySia was the emcee for LG Cookie Monster Party.

Didn't know Nuffnang Malaysia has so many pretty Nuffies =D They can dance really well!! Can I name the SNSD Malaysia Group? haha

Wonder Girls came earlier to Malaysia~! press "Like" pls ;p

Nicholas Chay, the country manager of Nuffnang dressed up as a shy + kind dracula. ;p

Presenting you the top 5 best dressed female
[Coco, WiLee, Hooi Nee, Jolyn Goh, Pinky Tham]

And the top 5 best dressed male~!
[KH-DD, Zach, Simon Seow, QieFly and Nicholas Chay]

For other best dressed bloggers please leave a comment telling me your blog URL okay?

Spot the winners for best dressed male and female + Best Pre-Event blog post winners
(One of it is Nicole Chua(MsXeroz), see her winning blog post here - I Love to Touch My Body Phone!!)~!

Since Nuffnang already has Korea Malaysia Wonder Girls/SNSD group inside. When will they have a 2PM group? Haha! *Spotted some long time no see Nuffie too, Pinky Tham and also SG Nuffie*

Stay tune for more photos and detailed post(is ready click here!) as the nerdy TianChad need to sleep early and wake up early the next day~!! My pet "Pupapa" is going to be a butterfly very very soon! Yes I raised a caterpillar!! La la la~ G'night!!

Between, do you like a nerdy looks of me? XD

Here is the more detail post of LG Monster Cookie party. Beware, there are tons of pictures inside~! Do spot yourself among 200 pictures taken during this LG Cookie Monster Party through this FB link http://bit.ly/cZn1CU and leave your blog url there when possible~


Wilee Tee said…
Hello Wilee here:)my blog: wileetee.blogspot.com
nice to meet you there:)
Glo-w~* said…
what was kenny dressed as? i would have gone as either a giant venus fly trap/medusa ^^ but i'm too far -_-" not nerdy enuf! the hair! ^^
TianChad田七 said…
Harlo Wilee =) Thanks for leaving blog ur here. I will link you up asap~! Nice to meet you too =)

Jenny dressed as "Half-Shrek" without the mask ;p There are even bloggers coming down from Penang yo~

Haha let see if I got chance to be super nerdy next time ba =)
jfook said…
Nice nice nice! Everyone dressed up according to the theme!
wish i came for the event.... now feel a bit bad missing the thing.

TianChad田七 said…
Haha honestly not everyone la ;p

Don't feel bad as there are surely more events coming up~ =D
Vince G said…
Hey nice to meet you! Just realised didn't camewhore with you during the event lah. LOL XD
TianChad田七 said…
[Vin Tsen Gan]
Nice to meet you too la =)
At least we did meet each other right?
michleong said…
Looks so fun! And Wonder Nuffies are really good! They must have practised a lot. Missed the event myself ><
TianChad田七 said…
Yeap they are great~! Don't miss it next time kay? =D
hye there...
i'm KH-DD...but just call me dD k...
love all the photos...damn so nice...

TianChad田七 said…
Harlo dD,thanks for liking my photo kay? =D Congratz for ur winning too!
hye there...
i'm KH-DD...but just call me dD k...
love all the photos...damn so nice...


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