My Top 5 Treat List

Top 5 treat list:

1. "Lollipop"

Candies can makes me happy but this "lollipop" is special to me. It will makes me really really happy and I will tell you the reason last =D

What is my first treat?

2. Play Station Portable with Patapon
You can't say I am a kid but you can say I am still a old kid. The reason I want PSP is just because of Patapon =)

Patapon I - The rhythmic + cute game

I like to play games that involve music especially when it involve beats. I like it more when it is cute and fun to play! So Patapon is my love! I even put it in my wish list since last year December =)

However, this dream has somehow been delayed as I was attracted with something bigger! A trip to Korea.

3. A travel trip to Seoul

After I watched the first episode of Love In Seoul I kinda fell in love with Korea. Travel to there would be a place for me to gain new exposure on different culture and learn new stuff =) This is a story about Nicholas Teo, a photojournalist doing a travelogue about Seoul's point of interest and met a girl named Kim (Belinda Chee).

Maybe I like it because Belinda Chee is in the show XD

Okay la that is just one of the small reason, actually I do attracted by a special place in Seoul. A place where you can see the colourful fountain playing with water shooting out from side of the bridge. Here is one of the photo I manage to find.

Banpo Fountain Bridge in Seoul

Imagine I am on the boat with future her enjoying the rainbow scene =S *romantic-ing*

When I am in Korea for a long trip, I need "Lollipop" to helps me keep in touch with my friends and families, I like to be always connected .

Talking about traveling around, I seriously need a DSLR especially when taking pictures of this beautiful night scene.

I want...
A DSLR and see if it is free with belle =D
*Taken during DCIM Velocity Angel Contest*

I haven't decide which model to buy but I guess it will surely come out from 1 of them [Lumix/Nikon/Sony/Canon]. Why do I need a huge ass DSLR? Cos I can grab a girl by pretending as a pro-tographer

In one coincident I manage to play with Kristine's DSLR during AAR Press conference. Tyson is moving fast when leaving the hall. If I was without her DSLR I won't able to capture a photo of him with this sudden ";p" looks! Thanks Kristine!

Tyson Ritter @ Nikko Hotel Press Conference

This is the moment I captivated with the fast and clear photos coming out from a DSLR . I will need a DSLR whenever I go out for events at night. My current compact camera cannot perform well during at low light condition.

After I got the photos from DSLR, I gotta get a display device that can view them vividly and it will be better with if I can enjoy Hi-definition experience when watching the video recorded through DSLR!

Since I always go out for night outing/events, my face looks dull because over exhausted. Therefore, I would like to pamper myself with "face treatments" a.k.a "facial" complementary with a tension release massage. I do care about outer beauty =)

5. A Relaxing Face Treatment

Which netizen don't spend his/her night surfing the net/blogging? I admit I will sacrifice my sleeping time especially for blogging. That's why I have "panda eye" @ dark eye circle plus eyebag. But that won't stop me from blogging =)

Talking about blogging, I found difficulty to blog recently as I always stick to the TV downstair watching "The Little Nyonya" and other TV show.

"The Little Nyonya" @ 小娘惹

It is kinda troublesome if I want to use my Dekstop PC (upstair) to blog and watch TV at the same time. But it would be different if I was treated with a portable "Lollipop" with enough power to go wireless =)

So which "Lollipop" do I mean?

Cherry Red, Obsidian Black and Alpine White "Lollipop"

Let see if it fits my top 5 treat list

Always connected with friends and families during trips to Korea. Wireless supports up to 802.11n connections plus the Dell™ Webcam Central. Checked

A vivid display to magnify photos. 13.3 inches plus the 16:9 widescreen format means no more squint. Checked

Enjoy high-definition cinematic experience watching my video by just add the optional ATI Radeon™ HD 4330 graphics card, and hook up to a LCD TV. Checked

I care about outer Beauty, this "Lollipop" has smooth round edges and crisp clean lines. Checked

The most important factor, this "Lollipop" can deliver 50% more performance, Intel® Centrino® 2 processor technology that let me multitask at a whole different level.

Yeah! "Lollipop" fits in my top 5 treat list and without it I won't feel complete. I can cancel the dream of having a PSP but it is a must to get myself a "Lollipop"!

Wait, there is something extra! Dell provides Online Backup ups to 30GB and my files will be save if I have this "lollipop"~!

To treat myself well I gotta treat others people well too!. So here is it.
I am gonna treating you this special coupon code 7ZQVQF2RLZRKW3 that allow you to purchase of a Dell Inspiron 13 (S510701MY) with RM100 Instant Cash Redemption!! Quick! This coupon code only available when purchase online and it expires on 10th Nov 2009.

No Bluffing, it is real =)

Now is the time to reveal why I call Dell Inspiron 13 "Lollipop"

"Lollipop, lollipop, oh lolli-lolli-lollipop!"
How can I not having it!!

Come on baby treat me with a Dell Inspiron 13~!
Yes they meant it =) Excluding the bites~!


Ken Wooi said…
another competitor!
haha.. all the best =)
KwOnG FeI said…
i like the last pic..haha
good luck for the contest~
TianChad田七 said…
*finger crossed =)*

[Kwong Fei]
They are cute don't they? =D
Thanks for that!
wen pink said…
nice new header! oh and is the Love in Seoul that nice? i wanna go watch ady!! *into korean dramas recently*
Azureen Azlan said…
hello there, wish u good luck for the contest :)
TianChad田七 said…
[wen pink]
Thank you =D
Love in Seoul is nice for me la =)

Thanks =) Wish me luck~!

Nope T.t
If I got any news will inform you

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