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Love In Seoul @ 爱在首尔

Today I would like to introduce a show Love In Seoul @ 爱在首尔

"Nicholas Teo takes us on a beautiful and memorable Seoul trip in this 30-min travelogue. Traveling as a photojournalist, he shares his fondest thoughts on the trip by capturing scenic attractions. At Seoul, he encounters Kim(Belinda Chee), who has an opposite perception of the world from him. As their feelings for each other grow, his departure date is also coming closer"

This show is about Korea's point of interest and and little love story that Nicholas met. After I watched two episode, I feel that the videos are very colourful and makes me wanna have a vacation to Korea =)

Here is Episode one [Part one]

If you have a fast bandwidth you can watch it at www.8tv.com.my

What I found interesting are the BackScene's Video and they have some funny moment inside =)

Nicholas spreading his love by saying "Saerangheyo" to a Korean Girl

I laughed when Belinda said:" 好帅呀~"

Looking forward for the next episode and I wish I can somehow get sponsor to visit this country like Nicholas. Wahaha *dreaming*

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