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Tian Chad's CNY Chu San @ Amigo (Melaka)

SM3Y + SM3R Family Group Photo!~ (Captured by Tai Khim)

This is the continue of my CNY "Chu San" at Melaka
This is another SM3Y gathering schedule on third day of CNY after the first gathering on

Amigo @ Melaka Raya
Time: 7.30 PM

Should the art being inverted?
There is a story behind the "福" word

This is the only food photo as the cast today is SM3Y ;p

It has been a year/years I haven't seen my classmates especially those studying at Taiwan.
It is happy to see them there :)

Below are some photos of those who attending the gathering
Really appreciate those who dropped by that night ^@^
Please enjoy the picture flood ;p

(@.@) expression captured! ;p

We are actually having a pseudo-group photo session by moving from one table to another
I wasn't in there as I was the the cameraman :(
This is the disadvantage of bringing your own camera what

Session ended!

Ren Xuan and Foo Sheng were "fighting" to take picture with Melody and Yan Ping

Now I am able to be inside the photo
Thanks for the camera man ;p

Photo with Jean Han

and photo with Lili~!

Basically the food and service are okay
A lot of choices in the menu.
I would like to thanks a waiter for her very patient service.
She sending the foods we order but there are too much of us there.
So she asked from 1 table to another table and no one notice her as we were chatting among ourselves ;p

I am sure if there is no service charge, sure the waiter wont tolerate with us ;p

So, for those who visited Melaka Raya
Amigo is not a bad choice :)
They are best at steaks and sushi dishes
Here is the contact number to reserve seat~

Last but not least, please leave a comment ~
If not Jia May might stab you! Haha~

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Look at the brightside!! You are going to speak out! Thanks for dropping by :)