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Smelly Day After an Unexpected Terrorism

Today was a smelly day for me and all my colleagues ;p

As if some of you haven't know
I am working as a R&D Executive under fermentation category.
I have start a fermentation culture since last week and it deteriorated when I come back yesterday.
So decided to sterilize (kill the microbes) it before wash the fermenter.

I used the autoclave machine to sterilize the fermenter and guess what??
Due to the culture was deteriorated, it has already smelly.
After sterilization, I was almost suffocated by the odor emitted out from the machine
when I opened the cabinet.

I quickly closed the door and opened the windows nearby to get those smell out of there...
But I failed and the smell spread to the office area which is far away from the lab.

Some of my colleague searching for the source and thought it was coming out from the air conditioner. And they finally found out it was the smell of my over-cooked culture and my fault for not using the deodorizer specially used with autoclave machine.

I was too concentrated and tried my best to wash the fermenter as soon as possible and didn't noticed that the door connecting the office and the lab was not closed after one of my colleagues come in for a look and go out of course.
Then, another colleague came here and asked me to close the door as it is really really smelly and they can't tolerate.

So unfortunately I became the person who somehow intended to let the bad smell travel to office area...
I am really sorry that I let my colleagues "attacked" by the irritating smell...

This time, I need one hour to clean the fermenter while tolerate with the bad smell...
It will happen again when the fermentation was contaminated by those bad microbes.
So, please forgive me for not using the deodorizer and entangled my colleague with the bad smell terrorism.
I will use the deodorizer next time :)


Since I always need to deal with these incidents
I found out that I have became a sharp-nosed person whenever I smelled something good or bad.
After few years I might even get hyposmia or more severe, anosmia.

This is why scientist have shorter life span... Right?

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Look at the brightside!! You are going to speak out! Thanks for dropping by :)