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Our Melaka+Muar outing at Valentine's Eve

First, I would like to say I am still single if the title misleading you ;p
(Eventhough this is my purpose, wakaka)

Why am I so free as Valentine's Eve should be working day?
Because I managed to get two days off from my supervisor.
I told him that I want to meet my friends before they go back to Taiwan again.
And he approved my leave application!!
Isn't it wonderful?!
Thanks again Kenny ;p

Basically, my friends planned to eat "Bak Kut Teh" @ 肉骨茶 in the morning but I overslept
Same thing happened today and I late for work...
I wake up late that day because I waiting for my friends to call me as he is fetching me.
Since he is not calling me, I will just lying on the bed.
Then after it is 11 AM, I felt something wrong and sms-ed him.

No answer, so I just called him and only know my DIGI's line not working that morning...
But look at the brightside :)
I have slept more because of DIGI's faulty ;p

So, I enjoyed my meal at home and prepared to go DreamBox @ Dataran Pahlawan
Thanks Yong Kuan for fetching me as I can't use car that day

We managed to get a room and start K-Box till 5.30pm/6.30pm
It is funny when there is only one person knowing/singing the song and the other person keep saying
"Cut cut cut!"
Just to finish all the song we ordered

I just wanna say, it is okay if we can't finish all the song. We are not wasting "food" ;p

Well, pictures would be summarized into puzzle.

But not the group photo :)
First time to see Danny's funny face in photo, haha!
If you like to sing K, please try to bring along friends that not knowing all the song you know. If not, you need to grab the mic and fight with each other!
Luckily it wasn't happened even we have only two mics :)

After DreamBox, we went to Ru Fen's house to wait her mom joining us to Muar
Able to see sunset there, listen to the wave sound.
It is cool living at the sea side, but bad when Tsunami arrived...
I wonder when will Malaysia having the four season as the weather getting weird these days.

Let's go to Muar for food!
After turning around Muar for some famous restaurants, we stopped by at
真真香餐室 @ Restoran Chen Chen Siang
Which is famous of their 生鱼米粉

Hmm... "Fresh Fish in Bee Hun" would be an acceptable term for now

If you are visiting this restaurant, remember to try that ;p

We ordered a lot of food but not much photo taken.
I guess I was gulping the foods

At least this fish get my attention
Never ever let it bite you ar!
I wonder if fish will have tooth decay too

Before going back, we went to buy Otak-otak as this is what Muar famous for!
Even my GPS also recorded this POI :)

Again, remember to bring back some Otak-otak to feed your brain ar, haha
It is fun to have outing with friends since graduate ;p
I am happy to have this bunch of friend ~

Valentine's post tomorrow ~ Ciao!

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Look at the brightside!! You are going to speak out! Thanks for dropping by :)