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My 2009 Valentine in Melaka + SmashpOp's wish

14th February' 2009
Does it means Valentine's Day to you? :)
Well, not for single person like me ar

What can a single do with other singles?
Hang out around shopping center?
Perhaps go to watch a movie?
And eat together?

This is what I did with my friends ;p
Wen Jie, Ru Fen and Jialing
We went to GSC (Dataran Pahlawan Melaka) to watch "Bride War (2009)"
The movie was not bad as you can see two best friend fighting against each other because their wedding ceremony accidentally fall on the same day.
Wonder how they end their fight? Please watch the movie :)

After the movie, go to find foods and saw Xin Yu
at the Focus Point
I still remember I "stole" a new pair of nosepad for my spectacles by greeting her at TESCo the other day ;p

And we eat at Station Kopitiam
A lot couples eating there and I saw this lovely aunty-uncle sharing their foods ;p
(top -right pict)
The food is so-so and the Bangladesh waiter is funny as we can't understand each other

Since Jia Xian invited me to attend the "Single Night Event" and don't want to waste petrol fetching them back first. I choose to "kidnap" Wen Jie, and Ru Fen to go with me

I still remember Jia Xian said he himself was cursed to be single cos he run over a lizard when he driving to here. Then everyone told him not to blame on the lizard ;p

I would suggest Jia Xian to take action now and don't wait until people come to you.
Somemore Jia Xian you said want to "(先)成家(后)立业" right? Right? Haha!

So all the best to you to bring back girlfriend(s) to have a dinner with your parents on upcoming Valentine's Day which somehow falls on the first day of Chinese New Year 2010.

After "Lim teh", we go "Lim kopi" @ The Coffee Shop
(lim= drink, teh= tea, kopi=coffee)
I am "grateful" that I living in Malaysia and very skillful in Rojak English ;p

It is a must to visit The Coffee Shop as the coffee is as nice as StarBuck's Coffee and 50% more cheaper!
Somemore no government/service taxes was charged :)
It is fun to have Danny around as he is a "Joke Machine" :)
Alot better than the "Cold Joke Machine" which s obviously ...me...
So, this is how a single spend his Valentine's Day.
How bout you??

Hurlo smashpOp, as u wished since the afternoon for your pictures
These are the only picture I managed to capture

First: Your good side-view where as you might have noticed my camera ;p
(I was wondering if someone can stand at the spotlight there as it would be a good shoot)

Second: My too-long-shutter-shoot while you called me for
Rames' Famous Self-Group Shot
(My first time witness ppl taking self photos with a DSLR, isn't it heavy??)

That's all?? Yeap!!
Since I just using a compact camera, I would prefer to let other DSLR to have your picture

So here is the real one!!
Thanks to
Rames :)
Detail post for this would be out , erm... in a few days i guess.

Now is my turn to have smashpOp post what he did on Valentine's Day beside being a handsome on Broga hill ar!!

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