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Longevity Buffet Dinner @ Renaissance's Summerfields

What do you wished to have a treasure box filled with ??
I would like to have... " "

Yeap! This is what I want
" "
Can you see it? Haha ~

At the night of Chinese New Year Eve
Me and my brothers + sisters heading to
Summerfields Coffee House @ Melaka Renaissance Hotel
My mom is treating us dinner and this would be much of food & photo post~!
Enjoy :)

~ Oyster Bed ~

~ Sashimi & Octopus chopped by Saw V ~
*Saw V is out*

~ "Bwaa" Fish ~
Gotta ask Cheeserland to know its name ;p

The cook that always ready to receive your order
Luckily he can get off dayS after that night

~ Rainbow Dishes ~

~ Fruits and Fibers~

~ Cold Plates A~

~ Cold Plates B~

~ Vegetarian Corner ~

~ Carnivore Corner ! ~

~ Salad Vege~

~ Bun Buns~

Let's jump to steamboat section!
I didn't have any of these as I only saw them after I have stuffed myself with those desserts

Now is their turns!
~ Dessert's World ~

Including 2 Bro + 2 Sis (Not edible)

Below would be cam-whore for desserts! So Beware!

Have you noticed that there are no main dishes' photo?
Yeap, I didn't upload it here as when I took the photo almost all have been "incompleted"

Basically almost all the dishes tasted good
Just that I can't taste each of them as there were too many choices for me
So for advice, please prepare an empty stomach before having this
Longevity Buffet Dinner @ Renaissance Hotel Melaka
You got 3 and a half hour to fully utilize your RM 70.00++ for various kind of foods

Fortunately we have discount for the buffet. Hehe

Last but not least, presenting you the last dessert

*Bonus* With the model too!!

She is the creator of the Non-Edible Cupcake
Welly known as DearBear3
This is the Rainbow Series
For those who interested please visit DearBear3 ~!

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