[Interview] Win 3D2N Trip to Penang with Joanne Yew now before 4 Sep

Joanne Yew #MalaysiaSaya  Win a 3D2N all-expenses-paid trip with Joanne Yew in Penang

Joanne Yew #MalaysiaSaya Win a 3D2N all-expenses-paid trip with Joanne Yew in Penang

Few days ago I am honored to do a private interview with the female cast of The Journey - Joanne Yew together with a few other media friends. In conjunction with Malaysia upcoming 57th Merdeka Day, Maxis Hotlink organized a #MalaysiaSaya contest where Hotlink user can win priceless experience to travel with Joanne Yew for 3 Days 2 Nights at Penang. All you have to do now is to download the RED Apps and join the contest!! Now let's know more about Joanne Yew personally =)

Joanne Yew shared that her favourite Penang Food including Char Keow Tiow and Penang Laksa but still food prepared by her grandma is always the best. (Including the Bang Kuang Char) As part of the #MalaysiaSaya Penang trip, Joanne will bring the 4 lucky winners to many places including a Nyonya restaurant. She didn't reveal much as she wanna keep the Penang itinerary as a surprise for them.

Joanne Yew
Joanne Yew

Joanne share a lot about her grandmother, since young they always go to the morning market in Penang together and now after grown up, her grandmother will still always remember her although she's forgetful. Even when Joanne give her grandma angpow during Chinese New year, her grandma always say no need because taught that Joanne is still studying. From here we know that Joanne and grandma love each other very much

Joanne also shared that she is proud to be a Malaysian because every time when she go to oversea, people were amazed that she can speak so many different languages. Since Joanne worked in Hong Kong before, she feel grateful that she is living in Malaysia as the house here are much more spacious and a lot more comfortable to stay.

Joanne Yew
Joanne Yew

About love, a fortune teller used to tell Joanne that her husband will be a foreigner. Hence she will always have a thought that her husband could be anyone, not just Ang Mo. Anyhow, Joanne still think that Malaysia men are more suitable as they are kind hearted, and a simpler person. Joanne prefer to have a partner that is kind hearted and simple. And since Malaysia has many different ethnics, there will be more choices too haha.

Ever since #ALSIceBucketChallenge hit Malaysia, Joanne Yew said that she will do something extraordinary if someone nominated her. Or even get the 4 winners together to complete the challenge? Joanne shared that she will give suitable advice to the person that she gonna meet because different people has different personalities and it will take a few hours or even days to understand them before she do so. Joanne admitted that she is a "slow-cooker" as she need some time to get used to the environment especially with strangers. So guys, remember to do ice-breaking and introduce yourself ;p

Travel together with Joanne Yew to Penang now!
Joanne Yew

Joanne hope that through Hotlink #MalaysiaSaya campaign, she can create a positive message where people can do something healthy and helpful to people. As we all know, Joanne Yew is a very fair person so people were curious how she can keep it so well although she jump into the sea for hundreds time during "The Journey" movie recording. That's when Joanne answered that as an actor she need to be professional and do her job well, even by just maintain her skin tone throughout the movie haha. Joanne shared, "Life is Short" and she wanna experience many thing through travel. Joanne admit that she is still looking for her Mr. Right as this will be perfect when they travel together.

Win 3D2N Trip to Penang with Joanne Yew now before 4 Sep
Win 3D2N Trip to Penang with Joanne Yew now!!

To understand more about Joanne Yew, you especially Hotlink users shouldn't miss out this chance to travel together to Penang for a 3D2N trip. Joanne will take you guys to her favourite hangout spots and restaurant in her hometown of Penang. The contest is going to end on 4 September so be quick!! Download RED Apps now and submit your entry!

PS: Just screencap a photo of the #LiveLifeLoud video with the word SEA to post on your Instagram and hashtag #MalaysiaSaya #LiveLifeLoud ;p

To make this year's Merdeka celebrations more meaningful to Hotlink customers, Hotlink wanted to give you guys an unforgettable experience if discovering Malaysia like never before together with your favourite celebrities. This is just one of the many Live Life Loud experiences customers can look forward to this year, with many more to come in the near future. If you wanna travel with Marina Mahathir instead, you definitely shouldn't miss it too. Download Hotlink RED Apps now =)

The interview won't be complete without a #TCSelfie with Joanne Yew
The interview won't be complete without a #TCSelfie with Joanne Yew
It was a nice interview with Joanne Yew and I hope her career continue blooming like "The Journey". Hopefully I am still eligible to join this contest as I love travel. I wanna eat Penang Char Kueh Teow and travel around Penang to explore that little heaven even more! Some more got lenglui accompany, who don't want?!

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