10 Things To Do In Desa ParkCity Dog Park

Fun fun fun!
Fun fun fun!
After the Tea-se Session with David DeCandia at Coffee Bean, both me and Jennifer went to the dog park in Desa ParkCity for a 1-on-1 photography workshop. I am glad that there are people who wanna learn photography from me and I am able to give guidance on this favourite topic. I am not graduate from Art School but reading photography magazines and practice everyday can definitely helps improve your photography skill.

Desa ParkCity has a huge park and this is one of the place where you can bring your dog hang out here and to meet new friends. Just continue scroll down and check out some other photos especially if you are an animal lover =) There are so many things you can do here!!

I've been loving this place since the first time I went there because you get to see different pet and people at one same place. The park is quite huge too so it is good for runner to exercise here. Now let's check out the surrounding of Desa ParkCity:

10 Things To Do In Desa ParkCity Dog Park
Fountain @ Desa ParkCity
 1. Enjoy the sound of nature
All right, there might not be as many birds and bugs serenade in the forest but this is a good place to hang out together with your family and friends. I've seen family sitting right at the mini waterfall there feeding fish just to enjoy the moments spending time together.

10 Things To Do In Desa ParkCity Dog Park
Tortoise getting sun bath

10 Things To Do In Desa ParkCity Dog Park
The best light bulb and partner
 2. Enjoy the moment of just the two of you
It is suitable for couple and lovers to hang out at Desa ParkCity too. Especially if you have a pet to walk together. This is something you can do during the weekend. Too bad I can't walk my rabbits here haha.

10 Things To Do In Desa ParkCity Dog Park
The Lake @ Desa ParkCity
 3. Sit back and relax: Picnic vs Meditation
You can bring food here for picnic or even do meditation around this lake. I've walked around this area and it is kinda quiet and peaceful. Just take note not to leave any rubbish at this area. Not sure if people will do outdoor Yoga or even meditation here. You may try =)

10 Things To Do In Desa ParkCity Dog Park
Smart sailor

10 Things To Do In Desa ParkCity Dog Park
Scooter Fun
 4. Bring your kids out for outdoor activities and stay healthy
Pet owners can definitely bring their pet for a walk. This is to make sure your pet feel happier instead of being trapped in the cage for too long. It is stressful for them even for human too. Not only that, bring your kids here as they can interact with both people and animals. Let them learn new things about the nature instead of letting them eying on the iPhone/iPad 24 hours.

Silly happy face

10 Things To Do In Desa ParkCity Dog Park
Side view most handsome
10 Things To Do In Desa ParkCity Dog Park
 5. Walk your dogs here at Desa ParkCity
Dogs are like human, they like to go out and explore new places. Your dog will appreciate you very much that they will even walk themselves. Not only that, both you and your pet can make new friends at this place. Win win situation yo. You can definitely find a partner for your pet too.

10 Things To Do In Desa ParkCity Dog Park
The Lion

10 Things To Do In Desa ParkCity Dog Park
 6. Distress at the park
Go through all the traffics and work everyday is definitely stressful and you gotta know how to distress. Sometimes you can just come here, sit down and do nothing. Just observe the environment and things happening around you will let your mind clear up and relaxed.

10 Things To Do In Desa ParkCity Dog Park
Two Husky with different eye colors
There was this funny conversation between me and the owner of these cool Huskies. I was asking, "What's their name?". He said, "Rain". Then I continue, "Both also Rain?". "No, Rain is my name" *awkward* Immediately I apologize when I get back my consciousness hahaha. In the end I didn't get the name of these Huskies but I will always remember his name - Rain.

10 Things To Do In Desa ParkCity Dog Park
Chow Chow love fan
7. Practice your photography skill here
At Desa ParkCity, you can practice and improve your photography skills here. This includes Pet Photography, Portrait Photography, Scenery Photography, Documentary and many more. Basicially this is a very happening place with varieties of subject for you to shoot. Just make sure that you get permissions from the dog owners when you wanna capture their photos. As I met some who prefer to keep their pet to themselves. Respect others, and they will respect you too.

On a side note, when you walk along Desa ParkCity, you will most probably walked into this Chow Chow with lion fur at the park. This Chow Chow is too furry not to be noticed. There are portable fan to fan him too. *what a good owner pampering her pet*

Just by changing the color tone, Chow Chow can looks super cool too!

10 Things To Do In Desa ParkCity Dog Park
Hipster Chow Chow
Looking at the camera lens is too mainstream. So I present you the hipster Chow Chow =)

10 Things To Do In Desa ParkCity Dog Park
New friend
8. Make new friends!
Feeling alone? Desa ParkCity is a good place for family and pet owners to hang out as you can meet like-minded people here.  I saw family with kids feeding the fish in that huge lake and spotted a smart bird doing the fishing. Yeah, a bird that use the bread slice to lure fish go over it and the bird get the bigger catch.

10 Things To Do In Desa ParkCity Dog Park
The bird who fish
9. Keep it clean
It is good to have such nice place to hang out. But we definitely need to keep the place clean as well. I wish Desa ParkCity have more responsible dog owners because it is inevitable for dog to poop at the park especially when they need to spend a few hours there. Just kindly clean up their hot and warm "cake" to keep this place clean and neat. Bring along your own poop-bag yo =)

10 Things To Do In Desa ParkCity Dog Park

10. Have your lunch/dinner at Waterfront Desa ParkCity
At Desa ParkCity Waterfront, they have various retail stores and Food and Beverage outlets which some of them are pet friendly. So you can bring your pet along to the suitable restaurant that allow pets and have your lunch/dinner there. The Waterfront has Asian, Western and Fusion cuisine restaurant in there.

Jennifer take great food photos at ChasingFoodDreams.com
Jennifer take great food photos at ChasingFoodDreams.com
Last but not least, I wanna thanks Jennifer for having me as her photography coach for a day. Hopefully she has learned much from me that day with all the theories and hands on + practice at the dog park. By guiding you on photography I've noticed that I have more things to learn too. Thanks ya =D

The most important thing about photography is to Capture Precious Moments. *Smile!*
The most important thing about photography is to Capture Precious Moments. *Smile!*

Here's the location map for Desa ParkCity Dog Park. The best time to visit Desa ParkCity Dog Park is during the morning and evening before sunset. Beware of the hungry mosquito so you are advice to wear long sleeve/pant if you are not doing exercise. My friend was being attacked by those bloddy mosquito especially before the sunset. Syiok gila hahaha.

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