[Review] Hotel Presidente MACAU 澳門總統酒店 & Timelapse at Night

During our 3D2N trip to Macau, we stayed at President Hotel (also known as Hotel Presidente Macau). Most of the hotel in Macau has in-house casino so you can have 'fun' at ease. This will be a simple hotel review post on what I've experience throughout the two nights here. There will be a video of the hotel room too. Check it out:
The classic interior of Presidente, Hotel Macau
We took the free shuttle from the airport to Wynn Macau and walked to President Hotel. They are just opposite each other. Once you enter the hotel, you can smell something smoky and classic old. Free WiFi will be provided to the hotel guest after check in. I am glad that we were given room with great view of the city. They look amazingly nice at night! Below is the view of Star World hotel and Wynn Hotel.

Beautiful night view from Presidente Hotel facing Starworld and Wynn Hotel in Macau
Our room has a Queen-size bed, old school CRT TV, small fridge, water kettle, hair-dryer and all other basic amenities that you need in a hotel room. I like the shower because it has constant hot water and the mirror has anti-fog function. Just that the first time we enter our room we feel that the room is a little dim and we can't find additional lights to brighten it up. Since the power plug is the same in Malaysia, you can charge your phone and camera with ease. There are plenty of power plug around the room. You can use the free wifi inside the room too. Wifi signal is not strong but good enough for surfing.

There are two available choices to have your breakfast in President Hotel (Macau). You can choose either to have Western Breakfast set at the lobby or go to 4th floor for lousy buffet breakfast. All I can say is you can just book this place to stay overnight excluding breakfast. You can just go to the Cafe e Nata Margaret's Egg Tart Shop nearby for breakfast with good egg tart and milk tea. I still remember the boss was very polite to all customer.

Here's a quick video of President Hotel (Macau) room interior and the beautiful city view at night. Hope you like the timelapse footage at the later half of this video =)

My funny/scary experience at President Hotel
I was curious to see why a bunch of good looking girl sitting at the lobby eating together. They looks normal when I was with my girlfriend on the first night. One funny incident happened when I go to the 24-hour grocery shop nearby the hotel to buy mineral water. When I go out, I saw a few guys like 'picking ' their favourite girl at the lobby. I still not sure what was happening until I was heading back to the hotel.

During the way to the grocery shop, I saw a lot name card on the floor, so curiocity told me to pick up and check out what is it. Sexy female figure printed on the card with phone number. Immediately after I picked up a card, I heard a girl voice calling me and my instinct told me to ignore her. (With my smart side-eyeview I guess she was a blonde hair lady) So yeah, went to the grocery shop bought two bottles of mineral water. They got sell various type of fruits too but it is just too expensive after convert to RM (Ringgit Malaysia). *Glad I stay in Malaysia to enjoy tropical fruits with ease*

When I am reaching the main entrance of President Hotel, I saw two 'girl'. One of the girl was sitting at the side 'slapping' her thigh. *piak piak piak* I guess 'she' was tired wearing high heels. Then another 'girl'... she kinda approached me when I try to enter the hotel. All I understand is "mmm bak mun", which might means HKD 500 to spend a night with 'her'. That's when I choose to ignore 'her' and speed up to the lift. Unfortunately there was this third 'girl' who came out from the lift calling the 'girl' who approach me earlier to join her. Apparent this uncle got a 2-in1 or buy-1-free-1-deal with them. That 15 seconds in the lift is the most awkward/weirdest moment in my life because beside me, this uncle with the two 'girl' and another uncle who choose a chinese girl at the lobby. That's when I know why the hotel room was so dim hahaha!

Hotel Presidente MACAU 澳門總統酒店 [Review] 
President Hotel is a 4-stars hotel in Macau and I think overall it is comfortable enough to stay overnight. It has all the amenities you need in a hotel room. Good air conditioner and hot water bath. Just that the room is a bit dim compared to the usual hotel room I've stayed before. You can skip their breakfast to eat the delicacies in Macau and never travel alone especially at late night unless you wanna get approached by 'lady' who offer you extra service.

After all that happened I still feel it is alright to stay in Presidente Hotel because I can enjoy nice city view at night and it is just walking distance to some of the famous tourist spots (Senado Square, Ruins of St Paul). Basically this hotel is good enough for you to rest comfortably in your room. I am not sure if there is any non-smoking area/level but you may request for it. Oh ya, it cost us around RM500/night (including breakfast).

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