Night Walk @ Melaka Stadhuys Red House & Jonker Walk/Street

This weekend was Winter Solstice so I went back hometown earlier to have the usual luxurious+delicious homecook dinner.  I didn't bring along my portable harddisk (that's full of photos) back to Melaka, hence I couldn't process the photos ;p

Anyhow, luckily I brought my cameras along and decided to go to Jonker Walk and Stadhuys Red House on a Friday night. This time I went out with the "Power in my pocket" instead of my DSLR. Just a quick walk on the busy street, spotted new stuff selling at road side, Egg-Ice is one of the top selling products here.

Enjoy the photos below taken using SONY RX100. I am still new to it's function and it is definitely one powerful imaging device that you may consider to have. The Intelligent+ Mode has ease my photoshooting a lot when I feel lazy to play with the settings. Should I consider this as night street photography of Melaka historical and travel spot?

Here you go: 

Children dress @ Jonker Street

Egg ice capsules

Brave to be the new crew of Japanese Takoyaki (Octopus Ball)

Big eyes kid

The Dragon

A couple

Crossing the bridge to Melaka Red House a.k.a. Stadhuys

Colorful trishaw that make the streets merrier

The windmill @ Melaka

An old woman selling all sorts of fruits at Melaka Stadhuys


Christ Church Melaka

Long exposure of Melaka's night scenery

Light trails of car passing by

I shall bring my widelens next time =D
Melaka's "Big Ben"

A different angle of Stadhuys Melaka

The roundabout and bridge that link to Melaka Jonker Street 

Took a photo with a pretty girl before we decided to go home together

Light trails and windmill
Time passed so quickly and I am heading back to KL tomorrow!! Anyhow, this is a relaxing -back-to-home trip for me as I don't facing the computer that much here haha. Visited Portuguese Settlement to check out their Christmas decorations. Kong Ming lanterns and fire crackers were everywhere =)

Also visited the famous Klebang Original Coconut Shake @ Klebang Besar and I foresee their business will grow even bigger in just months. You guys better visit that place before it is getting even more popular and crowded by tourists!

Till then, stay tuned on as if nothing fail I would have a giveaway soon!! GDA? Whoops!

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