My Shaving Style and Tips Using Philips Aqua Touch AT750 #Philips50Shaves

Philips Aqua Touch AT750 with Super Lift and Cut shaving technology
Hello people, here's me sharing about Philips Aqua Touch AT750. When you look at the shaver head above, does it reminds you on any part of the Transformer Movie? For me it looks like the Driller, Decepticon but safe to move around your face hahaha. You don't need to worry if this shaver will hurt your face as its rounded low-friction protection heads adjust to the curves of your face to limit skin damage.

My Shaving Style
To be honest, my shaving style is very simple as I don't grow that much facial hair. The downside would be having less style that I can play with my moustache; the good side would be saving the time on grooming everyday before I go out. So all I always do now is to shave away the excess facial hair around my face and neck while keep the facial hairs between my nose and lips. (You shall wait to see my sexy (cough) and manly (cough cough) look in next post hahaha)

You can just rinse your Aqua Touch with water to clean the blades

How to clean Philips Aqua Touch Electric Shaver
There are two ways to clean your Aqua Touch. You can easily open the shaving head with a click and use the brush (included together with the shaver) to brush away your DNA (moustache); You can also rinse the shaver head under the tap water (just like picture above) to clean it up too. The shaving blades can also be detached from the head for further cleaning. I personally feel that it is a bit like playing Lego when you disassemble and reassemble the shaving parts. It was fun hehe.

[Special Guest: My Little Brother]
My brother, Tian King using Philips Aqua Touch
Since I am keeping my moustache for future styling, it is an honour to get my brother to try out the Philips Aqua Touch AT750. He is a better candidate as he has more er.. facial hair than me hahaha. My brother, Tian King was using a conventional electric shaver given by dad prior to this. He is impressed that Aqua Touch can provide a cleaner and smoother shaving experience. Unlike the traditional way, he will pluck away the excess hair that couldn't be shaved off. But now with Philips Aqua Touch, even tiny little hair could be shaved in just minutes. He is surprised that the shaver can be easily cleaned by running under the tap water too. =)

You may also like to check out the videos here on how to use and clean the Philips Aqua Touch Electric Shaver. They explain  it in details on its function and how to prolong your shaver life-span =)

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