聚宝盆 Lucky Bowl @ ntv7: 2 Episodes CNY Telemovie in 2013!

聚宝盆 Lucky Bowl @ ntv7 - 2 Episodes CNY Telemovie Coming Up!
Talented actors who attended the Press Con of Lucky Bowl 聚宝盆

From the channel who has consistently churned out blockbuster and award-winning Lunar New Year telemovies over the recent years, comes another grand production for 2013. ntv7 is proud to present its latest Chinese New Year telemovie – “Lucky Bowl” – with an all-star cast led by Adrian Tan, Karena Teo, Leslie Chai, Debbie Goh, Frederick Lee, Lim Ching Miau, Ong Ai Leng, Aenie Wong, Jack Yap, Jan Chin, Kyo Chen, and Lawrence Wong.

The FEEL GOOD channel who clinched No.1 spot for the Most Watched TV Programme during the CNY period this year AND gaining overwhelming response from its viewers, is taking a rather bold move this time around to expand the storyline of its all-new Lunar New Year production. The channel’s CNY telemovie will now be aired over two days on 10th and 11th February 2013 – the first and second day of the grand celebration. Fans of local shows are sure to rejoice over this news with their favourite actors and actresses having more airtime during the broadcast of the telemovie for two hours on both days, which starts at 8.30pm.

Besides having the privilege to enjoy their favourite CNY movie in the comfort of their homes with world class cinematography, viewers can expect an amazing storyline directed by Kethsvin Chee. Sponsored and supported by Yeo’s and one FM radio station, Lucky Bowl owns a dramatic storyline which brings to life the characters of ancient folklore tales. This one-of-a-kind telemovie will involve strong fantasy, love, and comedy elements that will surely leave an unforgettable experience to its viewers.

聚宝盆 Lucky Bowl @ ntv7 - 2 Episodes CNY Telemovie Coming Up!

 聚宝盆 Lucky Bowl Synopsis

Shot in the beautiful small town of Tanjung Karang, Malaysia’s very own fishing and paddy growing spot, “Lucky Bowl’s” storyline is split into two parts. The show begins with the story of Shen Tang Tang (starring Debbie Goh), a stingy and selfish landlady who owns an old flat apartment where she rents out to Ah Hun (Adrian Tan) who lives with his father. Tang Tang is also lucky to inherit a magical “Lucky Bowl” from her ancestors where anything that goes in it will multiply. Not knowing its supernatural powers, Tang Tang treats the rusty “Lucky Bowl” as a piece of junk and sold it to Ah Hun’s father, Uncle Lao Tou, who is a rubbish collector.

While the father is an honest and hardworking man, the son fails to hold down a job and as a result, they were chased out of the building by Tang Tang for failing to pay the rent. Humiliated, Ah Hun swears to become rich. Meanwhile, Ah Hun’s neighbour, Ah Tian (Frederick Lee), is an unknown actor who is having a fading career. He hopes that by enhancing his looks through plastic surgery, he can revive his career and improves his chances of landing a role in a movie. Ah Tian schemes to take advantage of the single and desperate Tang Tang to fund his ambitious desire.

Tang Tang not only faces threat from Ah Tian, but also her relatives – the Ke siblings (starring Lim Ching Miau, Aenie Wong, and Lawrence Wong) – who have been searching for the missing “Lucky Bowl” ever since. During Chinese New Year, the siblings pay a surprise visit to Tang Tang’s home with a wicked plan in mind, which is to steal away the magical “Lucky Bowl”. Their attempt however, is discovered by Tang Tang eventually. 

Ah Hun who jumps in to rescue the Ke siblings out of his own agenda, discovers the secret of the “Lucky Bowl” and is amazed to find out that it is actually in his father’s possession. Ah Hun then witnesses the magical power of the bowl and gets excited to the thought of turning into a billionaire. Afraid that the Ke siblings may find out about his hidden secret, Ah Hun decides to flee away.

In the second part of the telemovie, the story shifts its focus on a loving immortal couple – Jiang Lang (Leslie Chai) and Meng Po (Ong Ai Leng) – who lives in a hut deep in the mountains of the heavenly. Jiang Lang is a famous author of folklores who have written thousands of stories including the story of the “Lucky Bowl” which involves Tang Tang, Ah Hun, and the Ke siblings.

During the eve of Chinese New Year, Meng Po’s younger sister, Meng Xiao Mei (starring Jan Chin) proudly reads out the story of the “Lucky Bowl” sequel to Jiang Lang who is shocked to find out that his sister-in-law wrote a sequel to the story without his consent. Out of rage towards Xiao Mei, Jiang Lang decides to make some changes to the conclusion of the sequel. In the end of the sequel, Ah Hun is run over by a car and dies. Jiang Lang feels that the ending suits his rule of folklore stories where “what goes around, comes around”. Xiao Mei who couldn’t put a stop to the changes in time, sees the protagonist of her story meets his doom.

Meanwhile, Ah Hun who is actually a character in the folklore, had to follow the story scripted by Jiang Lang and Xiao Mei. Fate then brought together Ah Hun and a talking golden rat called, Jin Shu (starring Karena Teo), which changes his life forever. Ah Hun finds out from Jin Shu that he is actually a character created by an immortal. Unwilling to be controlled, Ah Hun breaks into the Immortals’ world and steals away all the books where his life is chronicled. In his attempt to tear the pages of the books, Jin Shu then realises that his actions will destroy everything and everyone recorded in there.

Ah Hun who insists that he should control his own destiny, determines to take fate in his own hands and live his own life. With his decision, what will eventually happen to Ah Hun and the rest of the characters in the folklore?


聚宝盆 Lucky Bowl @ ntv7 - 2 Episodes CNY Telemovie Coming Up!
Ms. Airin Zainul, Group General Manager of ntv7 & 8TV was super excited for holiday and new year!

“Lucky Bowl is a must-watch CNY telemovie brought to you by ntv7 who has been conquering the TV ratings during the Lunar New Year celebrations. We strongly believe that Lucky Bowl will achieve the same success we enjoyed for the past two years when we introduced our very own locally-produced CNY shows, where our viewers get to enjoy quality content from the comfort of their homes,” said Ms. Airin Zainul, Group General Manager of ntv7 & 8TV.

“With the strong line-up of an all-star cast and its amazing storyline, we have confidence that Lucky Bowl will do extremely well when it airs during the first and second day of Chinese New Year. We hope that all Malaysians can witness a grand production and the growth of the local entertainment industry through this telemovie,” Airin added. 

Watch the story unfolds on ntv7 when Lucky Bowl premiers on the 10th & 11th February at 8.30pm, only on ntv7, the Home of Feel Good!


聚宝盆 Lucky Bowl @ ntv7: 2 Episodes CNY Telemovie in 2013!
A group picture of sponsors,  director, actors for Lucky Bowl 聚宝盆

PS: Tons more pictures and videos were taken during the press conference. Funny moment is everywhere! I hope I got time to post them all up before CNY haha. Feel free to support this CNY telemovie by sharing this post!

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