Kim Hyung Jun (@HyungJun87) in Malaysia: Special Guest for MMFA 2012. Happy/Sad?

Since there are readers who wanted to see more photos of their idol - Kim Hyung Jun. Here's a dedicated photo post just for you fans!! Hyung Jun was the special guest for Malaysia Model Festival Awards 2012 [MMFA 2012] and upon his arrival a big bunch of girl fans appeared at the same time as well. That was the moment when the VIPs were surrounded by cameras at the red carpet.

I guess some lucky Hyung Jun's fans were invited for MMFA 2012 as well?

Kim Hyung Jun at MMFA 2012 red carpet being interviewed for video coverage

Kim Hyung Jun presenting the Most Popular Celebrity Model of the Year awards

Most Popular Celebrity Model of the Year - Amber Chia
I still remember before Kim Hyung Jun present this awards along with a VIP, his special video was shown on the big screen. Hyung Jun's achievements were  included into the video as well. I believe this means a lot to all the SS501 fans? =)

Anyway congratz to Kim Hyung Jun for winning the 'Best Rising Drama Star Award'.

After MMFA 2012 is over, Kim Hyung Jun appear at the after party and according to his manager/partner he wasn't feeling well so in the end only accept interview from one of the media - The Star. Before the interview Hyung Jun exchanged a gift with Dato Jimmy Choo and posted it on his Twitter as well.

"Dr. JIMMY CHOO. thank you so much . happy new year and marry christmas . see u next year "

To be honest, it was way lot easier to take photo with Dato' Jimmy Choo than with Kim Hyung Joo. Maybe the harder you get to approach someone the harder you fight for it or love him more? The lady beside Hyung Jun tried to stop all the girl fans who were waiting for Hyung Jun to sign the CD they bought or even just a group photo opportunity. If I didn't see wrongly there were a few lucky girl who get to take photo with Hyung Jun with the helps of a wise Korean guy. Kudos to you =)

Below pictures of Kim Hyung Jun were taken during the interview by The Star, scroll to the last one to spot the funny Hyung Jun:

I was asked to snap Hyung Jun's photo from his right side cos he look better from this angle
Do you agree?

Hyung Jun listening to the conversation between his translator and The Star interviewer

Kim Hyung Jun

Hyung Jun with lots of question marks on his head
He was wondering what the translator saying I guess?

Just a smile
Kim Hyung Jun with a better smile and 'biting' fingers

A formal look of Kim Hyung Jun

Haha I personally feel that this photo suit one of the 9GAG emoticon

Kim Hyung Jun with the funny face

I am not sure in the end how many fans girl managed to get their CD signed or even get to take a photo with him, but they are quite patience waiting for a miracle to happen. I hope you girls did manage to greet him in person yo.

I personally think that the pretty Korean girl who was always beside Hyung Jun were a bit harsh to the fans who were already there... She didn't allow the fan girls to approach Hyung Jun and just let them wait at the side... Maybe this is the best way to promote his solo album - "Sorry I'm sorry"?

Kim Hyung Jun 2012 Solo Album 'Sorry I'm Sorry' M/V

If you were there and have a story to tell/share about Kim Hyung Jun, feel free to comment below.Other than that, hope you enjoy the photos and share with your friends by Tweeting/FB Share! Buttons are just on your top left!
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